Monday, November 30, 2015

Conflict Paracast - November 29, 2015 Alien Abductions & ET Contact

Gene and Chris present a nuanced view of the controversial subject of UFO abductions with noted researcher Kathleen Marden. She’ll focus heavily on investigative methods that include forensic hypnosis of those who claim to have been abducted, and she will also talk about the mistakes made by some investigators, who are untrained in the proper techniques of retrieving information, which may contaminate the results. Madden is a professional ufologist known around the world for her work as an alien abduction/ET contact researcher, author and lecturer. She is associated with the Mutual UFO Network, as Director of Experiencer Research, and the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters.

Debunking Joe Rogan on Alien Abduction

Graham Hancock on Alien Abduction

Dr David Jacobs on invoking the name of Jesus to stop alien abductions

Friday, November 27, 2015

Coast To Coast AM - November 25, 2015 Crop Circle Revelations & Alternative Health

In the first half, registered pharmacist Ben Fuchs discussed the latest in health information and natural approaches. Speaking of Thanksgiving, he spoke about gratitude as an important part of the spiritual, mental, and emotional strategies that can keep a person healthy. He also cited how relaxation (through simple things like taking a hot bath, or deep breathing) can improve one's skin and stimulate collagen production. "We have a high tech society, where we think it's about surgery, we think it's about...being medicated when it comes to health. Well, what has that gotten us? We've got hundreds of millions of people who are sick," he lamented.

Fuchs maintains that all diseases stem from a fouled bloodstream that is caused by substances that come in through the digestive track, as well as nutritional deficiencies. A good supplement program can help counteract this, he said. Many diseases, he continued, are partially related to deficiencies in the B vitamins and he recommended taking them in liquid form which can be accessed more readily into the body. Type 2 Diabetes affects millions of Americans, and is a progressive disease that relates to how people process sugar, which includes starches such as bread. Fuchs suggested people "re-sensitize their sweet button" so they can consume less sugar and still be satisfied.


In the latter half, crop circle researcher Patty Greer who has visited more than 100 unusual formations, shared some of her experiences and conclusions, as well as delved into the work of the pioneering scientist William Levengood (who passed away in 2013). During her research, she passed out in the center of an English crop circle and had an out-of-body or transformative experience. As she lay in the formation, her vision seemed enhanced and she reported observing transparent energy or plasma forms moving in the sky that had egg sacs and seemed to be reproducing.

The reason the Wiltshire area of the UK has been an epicenter for crop circles is that it's sitting over the largest salt aquifer in the world, as well as ley lines connecting sacred sites, she said. Levengood's research revealed that there's a plasma vortex operating in the fields where crop circles occur, and these vortices often travel in counter-rotating pairs coming out of the ground. He teamed up with researcher Penny Kelly and they concluded that the messages of crop circles relate to Earth, ETs, and human consciousness.


Debunking Crop Circle Debunkers

Bill Birnes Takes on the UFO Debunkers

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Conflict Radio - November 25, 2015 Study of the UFO Phenomenon

Lee Speigel is a reporter for the Huffington Post covering UFOs and other non-conventional stories in the Huffington Post's Weird News section. He has been covering the UFO phenomenon since 1975. In this interview we talk about Lee's personal UFO encounter, and a very exciting announcement regarding the 2016 International UFO Congress. Lee will be conducting a live interview on-stage with UFO researcher Jacques Vallée.

Lee first met Jacques during the creation of a presentation he organized for the United Nations regarding UFOs in 1978. At that time, Sir Eric Gairy, the Prime Minister of Grenada, was petitioning the UN to develop a department that oversee the worldwide study of the UFO phenomenon. Lee and Jacques have kept in touch ever since.

Conflict Radio - November 17, 2015 ETs, UFOs & Travis Walton


Travis Walton UFO Abduction, 1975

The Continuing Saga of the ET Abduction Phenomenon

Debunking Joe Rogan on Alien Abduction

Graham Hancock on Alien Abduction

Dr David Jacobs on invoking the name of Jesus to stop alien abductions

Conflict Radio - November 3, 2015 The Phoenix Incident

Keith Arem is the president of Los Angeles based PCB Productions and PCB Entertainment. He is one of the leading creative directors and producers in the gaming industry, specializing in talent performance, writing, sound design, and music. His most recent project is a movie based on the Phoenix Lights mass UFO sightings in Phoenix, Arizona in 1997. Keith wrote and directed the movie, which is titled Phoenix Incident, and is set to release in 2016. He says the movie mixes fiction and reality, but his overall goal is to get the general public interested in real UFO research.

In this interview, we talk to Keith about his interest in UFOs, his personal UFO sightings, and UFOs in the movies. We also talk to him about past and future marketing projects for the movie. Pervious marketing efforts for the movie have been controversial among UFO researchers and enthusiasts. However, Keith gives our listeners special insight into what his group has in store for future marketing efforts.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Conflict Paracast - November 22, 2015 Investigating UFOs in History

Gene and Chris present Chris Aubeck, co-author (with Martin Shough) of “Return to Magonia: Investigating UFOs in History.” To understand the real nature of the UFO phenomenon, it’s important to evaluate UFO sightings across the centuries. Are cases from hundreds of years ago similar to modern cases? If UFOs are an age-old phenomenon, how does that fact provide clues as to what’s really going on? All in all, this will be a truly fascinating session that will move the discussion about UFOs into fascinating areas.


Debunking The Debunker's Domain on Flying Saucers

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Coast To Coast AM - November 10, 2015 UFOs & Lost Civilizations

In the first hour, researcher Robert Morningstar discussed footage that appears to show a UFO passing behind the Lunar Excursion Module as it was being deployed to the lunar surface from Apollo 17. "It is, to me, the most stunning piece of film to come out of the Apollo program," he marveled, noting that not only does the footage appear to show a UFO, but also contains a reflected reaction of an astronaut seeing the craft while aboard Apollo 17. Morningstar dismissed the possibility that the UFO is an illusion or reflection and stressed that it appears to be self-luminous in the film. While he hopes to have the footage available at his website around Christmas, Morningstar shared some stills of film for the first time with C2C. During his appearance, he also briefly discussed X-ray analysis of JFK which seemingly verified his own research into Kennedy's infamous assassination.


The Continuing Saga of the ET Abduction Phenomenon

The ET abduction case of Travis Walton may be the most infamous of them all as depicted in the film Fire in the Sky. In the first hour, he will discuss his experience and give us an update on the case, his life, and the continuing saga of the ET abduction phenomenon.


Travis Walton UFO Abduction, 1975

Conflict Radio - November 17, 2015 ETs, UFOs & Travis Walton

Debunking Joe Rogan on Alien Abduction

Graham Hancock on Alien Abduction

Dr David Jacobs on invoking the name of Jesus to stop alien abductions

Friday, November 20, 2015

Ex-UFO Sceptic Baffled by Mystery of UFO in Photo

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he noticed one (photo) showed a small, dark shape in the western sky...

Guy Williams

Queenstown man Verdun Waghorn wants to know if the truth is out there.

A fortnight ago the former UFO sceptic-turned-sympathiser was fossicking for rocks by the Dart River bridge on the Glenorchy-Routeburn road.

About noon, he took 20 photos of the surrounding landscape to show his family.

Looking through the images that evening, he noticed one showed a small, dark shape in the western sky towards the Humboldt Mountains.

He is sure he neither saw nor heard an aircraft at the time, and has been puzzling over the object ever since.

In response to an Otago Daily Times inquiry, an Airways New Zealand spokeswoman confirmed air traffic control had no record of aircraft in the area at that time.

Waghorn said the object appeared in only one of the photos, so he felt confident in ruling out that it was a speck of dirt or small insect on his lens.

He had always been sceptical about UFO stories, ''but now I sympathise with them.''

"I'm sure there's a reasonable, rational explanation - I don't think it's green men from outer space - but whenever I look at it, I think it's such a weird shape.

"It doesn't look like a bird or a plane - it's got me baffled."

Otago Daily Times

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Alien Jigsaw

Debunking Joe Rogan on Alien Abduction:

- Stuart Miller - publisher of Alien Worlds Magazine and our British Correspondent discusses his new mag and other ufological interestings...

Katharina Wilson - abductee and author of The Alien Jigsaw & The Alien Jigsaw Researcher's Supplement and the freely downloadable I Forgot What I Wasn’t Supposed To Remember gives us insight into her lifelong experiences and interactions with her abductors and their influence on our planet...

Alfred Lehmberg's Commentary on Katharina

Sunday, November 8, 2015


VIDEOS: Mysterious Lights Spotted Over California: “Airspace Over The Pacific Is Closed To Incoming Flights”
Though the military claims the object was part of a Naval missile test, it’s not the first time an unidentified flying object of this nature has been spotted.
In 2010 witnesses reported a similar sight over West Coast waters. Some reports suggest the incident may have been the result of a Chinese ballistic missile test launched from a secret nuclear submarine parked off the coast of California.
The Chinese aren’t the only ones making incursions into or near U.S. territorial borders. Russia has reportedly flown nuclear bombers and performed exercises all along the west coast. In May 2014, the Los Angeles air traffic control system was taken out of operation, leaving thousands of flights along the West Coast scrambling. The military claims a U-2 spyplane flying over head was to blame for jamming the signals, but other theories suggest Russia may have deployed a new scrambling or localized-EMP technology.
In 2009 videos of a spiral spotted over Norway went viral with analysts making theories about the incident that included a Russian missile test gone bad or a massive hologram from the government’s Project Blue Beam initiative.


Spiral UFOs - Black Holes, Government Technology, or What?

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Longtime Pilot's Amazing, 35 yrs Of Experiences With UFOs, ETs

George Filer & Frank Chille - Longtime Pilot's Amazing, 35 yrs Of Experiences With UFOs, ETs


Deliberate Disinformation to Control What You Think About UFOs?

Guest One: Robert SalasGuest Two: Colin AndrewsGuest Three: Peter Robbins
Salas is a former Air Force officer whose specialty is another UFO case involving a military installation with nuclear capability. He will share his position on military disinformation on UFOs, why the distortions of the Rendlesham Forest Incident are important to expose, and what are the larger implications to the field of UFO research.
See his book:Government Circles: It’s 2009 and Time to Rewrite History. Nick Pope and the MoD Attempt to Change the Official UK Crop Circle and UFO Histories. But they are taken to task by the documented historical evidence from the Andrews Archives, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2009. “As a Result the Ministry of Defence's Nick Pope Withdraws Much of the Official Government Statement on Crop Circles and UFOs.”
"Deliberate Deception: A Case of Disinformation in the UFO Research Community." (available as a free download from the links below)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Debunking the UFO Debunkers at

The "crusader" anti-UFO zealots are engaged in a debate, not in seeking the truth. In debate, you don't give the other side information favorable to its argument. You let them find it on their own.

I have also found that there is more than enough critical assessment of various UFO incidents by the researcher themselves. They are certainly more critical of their own field than the so-called skeptics are of theirs.