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Was the X-Files Cancelled for Revealing Too Much Truth That is Out There?

I think Mulder would agree that the ratings must have been rigged. There was a lot of buzz about how season 11 revealed too much truth that is out there, just like when the X-Files spin-off show that was canceled perfectly predicted 9/11. Dean Haglund revealed that government officials submitted show ideas.

X-Files spin-off show 'predicted hijacked plane hitting Twin Towers' 6 months before 9/11:

It's worth noting that the star of the show, Dean Haglund, believes this to be the case. In 2004, he revealed how the government officials often attend Hollywood parties and submit ideas for film and TV show plots.


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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Lead Content Producer at Gaia Comes Out Against Corey Goode, and Corey's Damage Control VS The Other Side of the Story... You Decide!

Telling a Friend Why I Think Corey Goode MIGHT Be Legit:

The Fall of Gaia, Inc. – David Wilcock’s Resignation Letter, Intellectual Property Theft, Hostile Work Environment & Corey Goodes impending 50-million-dollar lawsuit! - Thomas Crown Nov 28

Interesting points:

The blog post claims Emery Smith was the one who leaked David Wilcock's resignation letter."It appears that Smith was working with Weidner behind Goode and Wilcock backs on permanently replacing Goode as the co-host of the Cosmic Disclosure series while still working with Goode and Wilcock on other projects such as the movie Above Majestic."

Allegedly, Jay Weidner and other Gaia leadership "have reached out to various high-level news and radio outlets", blacklisting Goode, and also UFO researcher Patty Greer

Allegedly, Jay Weidner et. also hold sway over Jimmy Church. "Per witness testimony, both Jimmy Church and Rita have been heard criticizing Goode and Wilcock’s character and testimony in front of attendees at various events. Church has been serving as Gaia Inc.’s unofficial ambassador by promoting the company’s shows and whistleblowers and yet has not had Goode back on his radio show since Goode’s departure from Gaia, Inc. Furthermore, Church has managed to interview everyone in Ufology who opposes Goode’s trademarks but refuses to air Goode’s side of the story publicly. "

"According to witnesses, [Jiryka] Rysavy [CEO of Gaia] is known for his tyrannical and dictatorial micromanaging business executive style and does not like his authority challenged, even when he is in the wrong. As Goode persisted with his claims, Rysavy initially started attacking Goode indirectly through Gaia’s loyal employees and proxies including Jay Weidner whose vicious, nefarious, antagonistic and belligerent behavior and attacks toward Goode dramatically increased."

Corey Goode allegedly has audio recordings revealing Gaia was/is intentionally seeking imposter whistleblowers, and "obscene rants by Weidner launching invectives at both Goode and Wilcock". (Sounds plausible, the internet may have forgotten Jay Weidner's viciously racist rant from when he was on Jeff Rense's radio show, but I won't.)

Gaia executives had plans to bring Steven Greer onto the Cosmic Disclosure show to "denigrate and discredit Goode’s testimony"

Gaia executive tried to force Wilcock and Emery Smith to tape new episodes without Goode, and with Jason Rice, threatening to fire them if they refused. Goode sent cease and desist letters to Wilcock and Smith. "Goode and Wilcock refused to appear with Rice, knowing his testimony was clearly false."

"there are rumors from Gaia insiders that producers are hiring actors to discredit and contradict the details of Goode’s Secret Space Program and extraterrestrial contact testimony by channeling Blue Avians and possibly other extraterrestrials from Goode’s testimony in the upcoming episodes of Cosmic Disclosure."

"According to my research, Gaia, Inc. has claimed they own the Blue Avian trademark and even legally challenged it with a dispute with the US Patent Office (USPTO). The company also allegedly utilized its board director who once worked for Marvel Comics to instigate Marvel to challenge Goode’s trademark of ‘Return of the Guardians’ comic novel."

"several insiders [who] admit to selling their flourishing spiritual businesses to Jirka Rysavy only to be forced to shut them down shortly after acquisition."

The author promises: "I will include my research findings of all these businesses and individuals with direct connections to Rysavy in future articles in my series on the infiltration and control of Ufology by the Deep State by using corporations and NGOs as proxies. "

The Dark Alliance conspiracy to doxx and harass CG was allegedly headed by Gaia executives.

Conscious Life Expo representatives allegedly blacklisted and CG and predicted "disturbing information about Goode will soon come out."

"Wilcock is currently fighting a ten-million-dollar lawsuit" vs. Gaia.

Emery Smith allegedly has a "history of alcohol and substance abuse with multiple criminal arrests and offenses involving credit card fraud, cyber-stalking, including a major lawsuit for business fraud"

"a witness claims to have overheard an inebriated Smith boasting how he outsmarted Greer, Goode, Wilcock, Weidner, and Rysavy and how he will now become the host of Cosmic Disclosure or end up with his own show altogether. "

Recently, "Jay Weidner ... allegedly fired by Rysavy"

WOW. Juicy. 🍉💧🍉💧🍉💧 I hope some of people involved respond to this blog post and corroborate the information.


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Damn. A lot to this sounds like some strange, petty, vindictive, super low-energy activity on the part of everyone really - a childish, middle school pissing contest between spoiled, irate, immature children. It seems, however (according to the first points that you’ve posted, anyway) that Gaia, the CEO, and Jay Weidner are heading up the main front of immature action.

Reading the rest of your points, it seems that everyone has dirt on everyone and none of these figures are clean…but this all still seems really fucking petty, ultimately. children fighting amongst each other, and ultimately bringing the whole of the main point (i.e. ET fucking disclosure) down to a lower level as it associates with Gaia and all the figures surrounding it.

smh. That's sad. It's too bad.

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