Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Deliberate Disinformation to Control What You Think About UFOs?

Guest One: Robert SalasGuest Two: Colin AndrewsGuest Three: Peter Robbins
Salas is a former Air Force officer whose specialty is another UFO case involving a military installation with nuclear capability. He will share his position on military disinformation on UFOs, why the distortions of the Rendlesham Forest Incident are important to expose, and what are the larger implications to the field of UFO research.
See his book:Government Circles: It’s 2009 and Time to Rewrite History. Nick Pope and the MoD Attempt to Change the Official UK Crop Circle and UFO Histories. But they are taken to task by the documented historical evidence from the Andrews Archives, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2009. “As a Result the Ministry of Defence's Nick Pope Withdraws Much of the Official Government Statement on Crop Circles and UFOs.”
"Deliberate Deception: A Case of Disinformation in the UFO Research Community." (available as a free download from the links below)