Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Travis Walton UFO Abduction, 1975

The Abduction of Travis Walton. Conclusion. by Mouss2014

A YouTuber commenting on the following interview states, "Mr Walton claims to have been aboard the craft for 5 days. When asked questions about eating and drink, URINATING... he didn't have an answer for it. It seemed that he wasn't ready for that question. Very interesting."

My Reply:

I found a 2010 post from the Above Top Secret forum that noted, "Mr Walton did have an unexplained puncture mark on his body, which could of been an IV tube used to keep him nourished by the extraterrestrials. Also, he lost 10 pounds without while his body showed no signs of being malnourished."

Compare that to his answer during the interview, his story is consistent. He obviously has addressed this before.


Travis Walton - Coast To Coast AM - Jun 27 2012