Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cash-Landrum Incident, 1980


Too often, the UFO phenomenon is dismissed for its supposed exclusive reliance on eyewitness testimony. However, there are numerous examples of UFO encounters that have left tangible traces of their presence in the physical environment, or on the witnesses themselves. The so-called Cash-Landrum Case of 1980 is a notable example of the latter, having left all three of its witnesses with symptoms of severe radiation poisoning following a late-night encounter with an unidentified object. It is one case, at least, that cannot possibly be dismissed as a fabrication, a misidentification, or a hallucination, and one that points to a possible connection between the UFO phenomenon and the U.S. government.

Special thanks to ufologist and specialist on the Cash-Landrum case, Curtis Collins, for contributing a number of valuable resources, and for his help in ensuring the highest possible accuracy of the information presented. Thanks!

Curtis runs a UFO website with a focus on the Cash-Landrum case called Blue Blurry Lines. Check it out!