Monday, December 21, 2015

Dr David Jacobs On Invoking The Name Of Jesus To Stop Alien Abductions

In this short clip Dr. Jacobs responds to those who report that invoking Christ during an abduction experience halts the operation in its tracks.

I wonder if there is a third option between the visitors being demons or aliens with no concept of religious figures from earth. Perhaps they are aliens that do have a concept of such figures and follow some sort of prime directive to not challenge those with such beliefs. In any event, I am a spiritual person with great interest in GnosticismTibetan Buddhism, Jewish mysticism, and esoteric Christianity and can see no harm in an abductee invoking the name of any religious figure they like to try and stop an unwanted experience. BTW, just getting angry has also been said to help.

I think all views on this subject should be considered. If you give any percentage of possibility to the chance that Jacobs is right, it'd be unwise to dismiss him as alarmist. On the other hand, giving totally in to fear is known to be blinding and we might hinder ourselves from coming to an understanding with good intended and/or misunderstood entities. If this is a spiritually related phenomenon, or if you rather, has a consciousness based component, an atheistic world view could certainly limit the ability to fight negative aspects of it or entertain positive ones. The thing that binds all researchers, is that they are promoting the idea that this is a real phenomenon and that is the first battle that must be won for all of these approaches to progress.

To hear some constructive criticism of David Jacob's scary view on things, check out this recent interview I did with with Alex Tsakiris from We get into the topic near the end of the recording.

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