Monday, December 7, 2015

Responses to UFO Debunker James Oberg

THE UNEXPLAINED NASA UFO FILES - Aliens... by artforall101

This program features UFO debunker James Oberg. Here are some responses to him and his brand of UFO skepticism:


Failure Of The 'Science' Of Obergian Debunking

Debunking the UFO Debunkers by Patrick Cooke

Reader Comment:
I am reading UFOs for the 21st Century Mind and Oberg pops up every now and again on various cases that Richard Dolan cites, where Dolan points out that his explanations are rubbish.
He’s doing classic debunking – underplaying what happened, and then trying to explain great cases by saying witnesses saw two different things – like a meteor, or Venus, and then the close observation was the moon or something like that.  Splitting a close approach of something unique into various mistaken observations. Stuff like that. Specifically I remember he tried to account for one good sighting as space junk de-orbiting. 
I remember seeing Oberg on Above Top Secret trying to explain away possible Shuttle/orbital UFOs as ice crystals being moved by attitude thrusters. He claimed they were at the same time, but when challenged to show the data, could not produce it. Also, I don’t think there was any signs of thruster movement as you get when they really operate. IT’s hard to remember the exact debate points – except that it had him pegged as a clever troll. He could talk about minute details very well.

Oberg is on my dislike list along with Shermer, and Tyson and Nye and others ... the media debunker club.

If these are not the official gatekeepers of the truth, then where are they? Ie. They are paid liars for the MIC ....