Saturday, December 19, 2015

Coast To Coast AM - December 16, 2015 ET & Shamanic Contacts

In the second half, holistic practitioner, shamanic counselor and contactee Sandy Corcoran discussed her communications with ETs and Star Beings, as well as her work with indigenous and ancient wisdom traditions. Her encounters with various beings began in her early years, and included abductions by the "Greys" and "Praying Mantis" types. Some of the entities are "denser in consciousness or intent," and vary from interdimensional to extraterrestrial in origin, she explained. The beings are generally here to raise awareness about potential damages to Earth's environment, and while aboard their ships (sometimes in underwater bases), she said they showed her images on large screens of what the planet would look like if humankind destroyed the air, the water, and the trees.

She spoke about her work using Toth Tarot cards, a specific deck that draws from ancient Egyptian symbols. Her particular divination style helps people to find clarity in their lives rather than predict specific outcomes. Corcoran said she also uses a Medicine or Wisdom Wheel, which assists people in getting to know themselves on a deeper level. "On the Medicine Wheel, there is no past, present, or future. There is only now. What is going to happen in the future is based on how you awaken yourself within that wheel."