Friday, November 3, 2017

Grant Cameron Showcases Picture I Brought to the Limelight of UFO Investigator Frank Edwards and President Harry Truman

In the following excellent presentation, Grant Cameron of showcases a picture that I brought to the limelight, picturing and signed by both UFO investigator Frank Edwards and President Harry Truman. I used to own the picture and first shared it with the world when I sent it to who published it. In a recent podcast I put out about the UFO disclosure happening via Tom DeLong with the blessing of President Trump, I wondered aloud if Cameron had took me up on my offer to buy the picture from me when I put it up for sale, it would appear he did. While showing the picture in the following presentation, Cameron plays an audio clip where Edwards reports that Albert Einstein and other scientists advised Truman not to shoot down UFOs. I had often wondered if Truman was aware of who Edwards was, or if he was aware of his UFO research when they took the picture together, more and more it appears that Truman was very much aware.

UFO / Partial Disclosure Tom Delonge, DoD, CIA with Grant Cameron (DISCLOSURE NOW)