Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Conversation Regarding Tom DeLong, Disinformation, Grant Cameron, & UFO Disclosure Under Trump

The following is an email exchange with a friend and fellow UFO researcher, Steve, the Editor of UFOs, Science and the Cover-Up:


It is not a polished blog post, it's just a conversation with some things stated just going by memory. That said,  UFO fanatics and researchers should find some value here. My text is in in black/grey, Steve's is in blue.

Some thoughts .. ! J  2 cents ... (bit of an essay)

Grant Cameron starts by talking about no evil Government, that ‘everyone is out to save the world’ ... I know for a fact that it’s various groups out to save their own interests above all, and that people and countries are expendable, that terrorists get funded from our side, and that what we see on a global stage is a theatre of sorts. With US politics it seems there are various factions within the corrupt system... Trump being backed by nationalists, the Clintons being out and out globalists, and that there are levels above this ..

Paul Craig Roberts points out that lobbyists and the intelligence agencies run Washington. I agree. But I also think that within this system, within the Pentagon military system there are secret programs and that part of the CIA’s mission is to run protection for the ET program. Every faction can murder anyone if they think they can get away with it. The issue is for what reason. There are invisible lines that one is discouraged from crossing. Someone like Hillary has people killed for crossing here politically – where she’s operating in the theatre of public life. The Clintons also kill people for exposing the drug connections and pedo stuff. I don’t know how much they are involved with things going on above them.

‘The CIA does what it is told to do by the President’ ... that’s the paraphrased comment that set me off here ... that seems unrealistic. Something a CIA stooge might say.

Otherwise a lot of his stuff about various disclosure attempts seems good. Although he says that the US is not covering up because people are talking about it .. unlike other countries that shut up.  While this is true I think this experience is down to historical circumstances rather than a desire to speak out (although there is surely a desire to speak out).

Since the US was the centre of technology; radar, atomic bombs, electronics etc in the 40s and 50s, visitors would have targeted the country more so than other places. Some of the intelligent drones-probes, which I think included devices many thousands of years old, appeared in places where the public saw them. And having a culture of honesty and truth didn’t help when something like Roswell happened either (although, this is important, at the highest levels there has always been a level of secrecy that has now extended downwards). So the Air Force had to say something about what was happening in the early days, especially with the observations, considering their honesty culture. Clearly anomalous objects had been seen. So now we are fed promises that the US Gov will come clean. This, I think, is what the disclosure stuff is all about. Dealing with the legacy of the past, and the reality that people and media reported stuff that was not easy to censor completely.

And the disclosure stuff now might be an effort to distort what’s going on with noise. Like Flat Earth stuff.

Oh, and I think that there are many different visitors that crop by Earth, with different levels of tech. So in reaction to Cameron’s comments about being invisible, and that they deliberately reveal themselves. This might be true in some circumstances but not all. However, and intelligent visitor might be aware of how their actions stirred up the locals and toned things down. I’m not against the idea that visual sighting are deliberate things, but I also consider that some of our visitors are not infallible or that the tech they use is not designed to be cloaked (and/or that the tech is very very old).    

My current thing is the agency of the visitors in any disclosure. People in charge at the top might be in agreement with some of the visitors to keep quiet for good reasons. What are you going to do after disclosure?

I like the parapsychology unit on that chart and DARPA, all sorts of phenomena involved .... but I don’t agree with the order of things ... President at the top ... ?

I’m 24 mins in ... 34mins ....

I’m wondering how much of what Cameron is saying is distortion? He cites a lot of sources and behind the scenes scuttlebutt. Is he wall papering over some things? Bruce Macabee giving a talk at the CIA ...

He’s talking about John Podesta being a good guy .... he was tweeting to watch Tom Delong. That Podesta was acting in a disclosure capacity, trying to get word out, all for the good. A high level advisor to The President ...maybe, but Podesta is also a pedo, and likely involved with pizza and hot dogs in the white house.  He’s obviously interested in UFOs from his email but is it for selfish reasons or the ‘greater good’ – truth honesty etc (from this pedo guy?)

At 1hr+  .... Cameron is talking about a lot of meetings with various high level (?) people about a slow disclosure as opposed to a all or nothing gambit. I’m thinking back on what Dolan said about this in an interview – he said something like this is speculation without any hard or verifiable releases of information. IT seems there are definitely emails showing meetings with DeLonge and others, but to what end?  Truth/Disinfo/continued cover-up?

Thanks for the clip. I’m not sure what I make of it except that I think some of the characterisations about Washington are wrong including the power structure. It could be that this is more of the same promising to disclose but not actually doing so. We might have sighting reports come out, like the pilots and ex-military that came out at that conference a few years ago, but I don’t see any spilling of the beans beyond the same rumours (that I think are true) about back engineered tech. I don’t think we have anything new on this front?  I’m not sure what else can come out, we had UFOs and Nukes stuff ... these are non-secret space program events, like Rendlesham Forest.

ps. I stopped watching at 1hr 8mins .... might watch rest later ...

"‘The CIA does what it is told to do by the President’ ... that’s the paraphrased comment that set me off here ... that seems unrealistic. Something a CIA stooge might say."

I agree with you on the evil in the system, he drops the ball here. However, as it pertains to the power the president has specifically on the UFO issue I'm inclined to believe him. I'm quite familiar with his research in this area, he's focused on it, is an expert, and seemingly has high-level contacts.

BIOGRAPHY: Grant Cameron became involved in Ufology in 1975 with personal sightings of an object which locally became known as Charlie Red Star. The sightings occurred in Carman, Manitoba. In the past few years Cameron has turned his research interests to the involvement and actions of the President of the United States in the UFO problem. He has made 20+ trips to the National Archives and most of the various Presidential archives looking for presidential UFO material. 

One highlight of his presidential UFO research was the chance to question Vice-President Dick Cheney on his knowledge of the UFO subject. Another highlight of the presidential UFO research was a FOIA to the White House Office of Science and Technology which yielded 1,000 pages of UFO documents from the Clinton administration. Many of these findings have been written up on his website, www.presidentialufo.com. At present Cameron is awaiting almost 100 FOIA requests from the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas, related to the UFO related actions and policies inside the two Presidential terms of Bill Clinton.

On the military side of things, which plays an adversarial role to the agencies in my understanding, they would encompass more of the UFO subject than the intelligence community. Trump especially, and any president in generally, would be privy to this material...

"And the disclosure stuff now might be an effort to distort what’s going on with noise."

Cameron points out that some disinfo might be mixed in, but believes this is mostly well-intentioned ass covering. This makes sense to me. Try to get the info out, tech released, and never admit to a lie or stifling of tech. Tom DeLongs group is getting stuff leaked to them and releasing it. If I understood him correctly from the Joe Rogan podcast, he said they have military videos that were classified that they are going to release very soon. Perhaps they will be the highest quality video yet?! To call things like this a leak is hardly correct actually. It's being done in an technically unofficial but actually official capacity. Some of these guys had prepared speeches just days after "retiring." We have had a lot of UFO files released recently as well.

"Cameron is talking about a lot of meetings with various high level (?) people about a slow disclosure as opposed to a all or nothing gambit. I’m thinking back on what Dolan said about this in an interview – he said something like this is speculation without any hard or verifiable releases of information. IT seems there are definitely emails showing meetings with DeLonge and others, but to what end?  Truth/Disinfo/continued cover-up?"

As to the slow disclosure meetings, he references the meetings DeLong has had. Take a look at the individuals involved...

Again, they are definitely talking about backing up their claims with evidence and their anecdotal material cannot be dismissed. Regarding tech being released, DeLong said they intend to do scientific demonstrations of what the tech can do to get public interest and public investment in the company. They state that they want the people to own the company and any such tech so they cannot be shut down by those in government that still oppose disclosure. The reason I sent the Cameron clip I did was mainly regarding my text about the picture. I much more recommend these 3 links for understanding. This other Cameron interview below is more focused on just what is currently going on and is shorter.

The Frank Edwards and Truman pic?  ....  it seems Truman was in on things at the start, but I wonder how much control or knowledge other Presidents had. Carter reportedly was in tear with what they told him .... maybe they said we’re under the thumb of various ET groups and we are only allowed certain liberties ... dunno? And how much did Truman tell Edwards apart from knowing more than he let on ... I saw the still pic in the post with the title about Edwards, but the thing I looked at was the video until about the 1hour 8 min mark ... I might have missed stuff indicated by the title...

Well, if they are going to release some classified info then that’s good ... like film, tests etc ... but if nothing happens this will be another repeat of previous promises. Although the promises this time around seem pretty specific and huge (with tech demo?).  

The names being dropped are good, but I have a problem trusting what I’m seeing here ....

Yes, the promises are huge. They state they have a piece of a craft and can demonstrate its anti-gravity effects be shooting it with terahertz and demonstrating publicly on video, through scientifically valid/accepted tests that it looses mass, essentially that it can float/defy gravity. They state that it is made of layers of different metals, but that they are very, very, pure and I think DeLong said some are rare. Also, it was stated that it would be tremendously expensive and difficult to reproduce. 3D printing is said to be able to reproduce many of the things from alien craft that were previously not understood, no rivets and such. Is it a alien craft they have a piece of? Or is it a reproduction vehicle? A facsimile. In either event, it would be game changing for the world. Also mentioned were less wild things, but still really interesting like launching satellites with lasers, as opposed to rockets and apparently they have already successfully done so.
On the wild side, they are talking about time travel tech. The time travel is described as essentially being a static viewing of events, but this has implications for teleportation travel to locations on earth, although I see no proposal of building such tech as of yet. There are supposed whistleblowers on time travel tech that speak of these things. These individuals, not associated with the project, seem dubious at times just due to the wild stories they tell, but many of them corroborate each other pertaining to being involved in the same programs. Without knowing each other they talk about the same things fluently...


Like the UFO issue disnfo muddies the waters here, but there may be something real to be found in these accounts. Brainwashing/implanted false memories done to these individuals by the government as a means to cover-up or discredit them has been stated to be an issue with this topic as well by some researchers.

This talk of tech being released becomes more interesting considering Alex Jones' reports of Trump releasing DARPA tech previously hidden. DARPA is central in many of these time travel stories from supposed whistleblowers. Trump's uncle being involved with the FBI in receiving Tesla's research that he locked away is interesting too. Tesla was supposedly working on time travel tech, or known to be interested, something, researchers also say that he spoke with aliens. He also fell in love with a pigeon and never had sex! But def was a genius at least on par with and I'd say surpassing Einstein. 

More info...

As I recall, Cameron believes the tech referenced by DeLong's group (below) and the people at the helm trying to achieve it are legit, namely Dr. Hal Puthoff and the former head of Skunk Works. DeLong said he is in talks with entire divisions of engineers in the private sector regarding getting on board with their projects. HOWEVER, Cameron said they will never be able to raise the money needed to achieve their loftiest of goals. They have raised about 2 million dollars by selling shares in the company it looks like. DeLong is reportedly worth 80 million personally, so stealing money as a motive seems unlikely. Some have reported that a list of proposed expenditures released included paying back a loan for a failed company of DeLong's. I haven't heard his reasoning or defense of this. I'm not certain it is true though. I publicly stated that if true, it is unacceptable. Again, not sure if it's true, because it makes no logical sense given his wealth and it's at odds with information he has released on the legalities of how this being a public interest company works. He has stated he cannot touch any of the money. 

Regarding the picture...

...a picture that I brought to the limelight, picturing and signed by both UFO investigator Frank Edwards and President Harry Truman. I used to own the picture and first shared it with the world when I sent it to coasttocoastam.com who published it. In a recent podcast I put out about the UFO disclosure happening via Tom DeLong with the blessing of President Trump, I wondered aloud if Cameron had took me up on my offer to buy the picture from me when I put it up for sale, it would appear he did. While showing the picture in the following presentation, Cameron plays an audio clip where Edwards reports that Albert Einstein and other scientists advised Truman not to shoot down UFOs. I had often wondered if Truman was aware of who Edwards was, or if he was aware of his UFO research when they took the picture together, more and more it appears that Truman was very much aware.


Beamed energy propulsion launch systems - Develop known methodology to launch small satellites into orbit using ground-based laser beams.

Advanced Electrogravitic Propulsion -  Develop exotic aerospace technologies involving forward-thinking physics principles that complement present-day technologies with application from new areas of research.
"This is a concept for an international point-to-point transportation craft that will erase the current travel limits of distance and time.  It mimics the capabilities observed in unidentified aerial phenomenon by employing a drive system that alters space-time metric.  We have glimpses of how the physics of this works, but we need to harvest technologies from the Science Division to "realize" the capability."  - Steve Justice, Aerospace Division Director

Launch of To The Stars Academy Promises Transport Revolution with Space-Time Technology:
In terms of the power of the President ... I agree that likely the Air Force and/or military is the lead in this area. The intel groups would provide some level of cover, even if they were kept largely out of the loop. The intel people don’t do technical work with nuts and blots big sized stuff. It’s Air Force, private research groups, plus Air Force intel and perhaps a sub group linked to NASA (I believe hacker Gary McKinnon’s story, they did throw the book at him, so I include NASA. AND with their near Earth Orbit trips they MUST lie about what they see up there. Then there’s the Mars stuff too, with their phony atmosphere lies that I’m sure is covering up lies about life there. I also wonder about artefacts on the moon. It’s cover-up central).   So I agree with that assessment, military vs the intel groups, but I think the intel groups and lobby groups have great control of the politicians for other reasons – the skeletons in the closet background, bribery etc. – which might put them all (almost all?) out of the loop on UFOs. Anyone that does not need to know would be told nothing (or given a false story). The President might be told, but also given a false story to keep him on side. I don’t think short term Presidents, unless they are ex-CIA heads, are told the truth, or the whole story ... imho.

One thing is for sure, the disclosure group has a lot of promises to keep. I’d be very interested to see what comes out.

If nothing comes out I’d be cautious in saying something like ‘they were gonna release all the stuff, that everything was true, and it just didn’t happen’. I’d question how far the DeLonge group was played if that happens (zero disclosure material), and question the leak material. This would then be another in line of proposed disclosures that didn’t happen. Having said that, I’m sure people inside the system do want to tell the public some or all about what is happening.

Looking at the state of the world today, I wonder if the visitors would be happy with disclosure? Or even human leaders involved.  As a species we are not very wise. Perhaps the high IQ savants are the only ones that are wise enough for their liking, and that the general population is too undeveloped and animalistic (impulsive) to be given much of a chance with super tech. Maybe the super technology is a bad idea at present? Maybe it’s a good idea for the general population but bad for the power elite?

It might be up to us, as a general population, to develop ourselves  ....but I’m having a hard time imagining from this point onwards how we get to a Star Trek future by ourselves, and given a long enough time that we can develop mentally. In the end it might be a selection process, like Darwinian evolution but controlled, that is the most logical way to go (to make us more wise/intelligent). Thing could go like the Gattica movie ... where we shift from ‘invalids’ to ‘valids’ ... selective breeding ... eventually random breeding might be allowed (at first as an experiment) between the superhumans of the future knowing they carry superior genes. Today, I wonder what would happen if a Gattica program began, where there was a class of people generally “better” than the general population? Would this be kept secret?  Would the rest of the world be left to fight it out and/or killed off via bioweapons at one stage? The elites fancy themselves as better than the general population but this is not true. If we had a group of super intelligent humans then this would be true, and the next step might be to get rid of the rest of the pop...

The only other option vs small scale genetic elites would be for large scale introduction of improved humans, and/or modifications to existing humans, that would bring them all up to a super intelligent state that would stop a breakaway civilisation thinking about mass extermination. Maybe there are plans underway, but that it’s not easy to do, or so desirable with current cultural/education state in various sections of the world.

So, if I was them (the breakaway group), being charitable, I would slowly try to influence  a few things to stabilise life for everyone here and go from there.

Maybe in our process of arguing and fighting, that is where we are headed anyway?     

Maybe we need to have a huge fight against the present celebration of stupidity and dumbness rife in our media/entertainment (and have people understand how basic science works: about data first, interpretation second, that experiments trump theory (Richard Feynam), and especially note 
Stan Friedman on Sagan and science, the 4 kinds of science:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDbhSQaqYXM) ? Maybe we really need to have a fight against religious dogma and medieval ideas? Maybe we need to have that fight against the skeptic/disinfo people and understand how our minds are subject to psychological trickery (ridicule etc) so that we can think straight on any issue (and understand that our governments/media/academics are often corrupt players in this) ? Maybe we need to have a fight against our present Government systems and make them much more transparent (make them low pay jobs, with TV cameras everywhere, with almost instant disclosure and severe penalties for covering up)? Maybe we need to suffer the consequences of the social justice subjective nonsense in order to see the value in practical/science thinking? Maybe we can learn from that and build a stable free thinking society that understands the value in building minds systematically rather than letting things run like a wild west show. It’s harder to put people together, and give them knowledge filters and a critical eye if they have at first been overwhelmed and have lived in an unstable environment I think ...  so once you have things sorted out, with global society going ok, you can take another step.

At that point most people will appreciate scientific learning, and be sophisticated enough to go with the Gattica stuff ... or modify themselves to enhance minds etc

As to whether we can get to Star Trek
 tech on our own, without alien tech, I'd remind you that people talk to phones and home assistants on a regular basis. If these things continueto advance at even the pace we see now, and are given a body, we will have C3PO before you know it! There are many more examples of course, we are advancing. Yes, the question of who gets or even wants tech that will improve humans is a big issue. Scary. I dunno if I'd wanna be some super advanced human, or if I'd be the guy huddling next to the burning trash can (see They Live) for heat proclaiming that I'd rather keep my pure humanity. I'm perhaps not so worried about death as most, so...


I was more thinking of a Star Trek society in terms of stable with no wars and people living peacefully ... socialist/communist utopia !! :D

Oh! lol I dunno, how about a true free market utopia with really good social safety nets and no war? :)