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Damn! Iraq War Vet Records Back Engineered Alien Craft? 3/27/16


These Are Titan's Highest Mountains -- What Lies Beneath?

The trio of ridges on Titan known as Mithrim Montes is home to the hazy Saturnian moon's tallest peak.
Should humankind establish a presence throughout the solar system, future rock climbers and mountaineers might want to put Titan on their list of exploration destinations. Scientists have used precision Cassini observations to measure the heights of the hazy moon’s biggest mountains — and they’re surprisingly high.

Using the NASA spacecraft’s radar, planetary scientists were able to cut through the opaque atmosphere, revealing a rich bounty of geological features, including the moon’s highest peak.
“It’s not only the highest point we’ve found so far on Titan, but we think it’s the highest point we’re likely to find,” said Stephen Wall, deputy lead of the Cassini radar team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., at the 47th annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference at The Woodlands, Texas, on Wednesday.
This highest peak comes in at 3,337 meters (or 10,948 feet) and was discovered nestled within 3 mountain ranges known as Mithrim Montes. All of Titan’s highest peaks are around 3,000 meters (10,000 feet) in elevation and clustered around the moon’s equator.
As a comparison, the highest peak on Earth is Mount Everest at 8,848 meters (29,029 feet), so “Titan Mons” certainly isn’t gunning for the record of largest mountain in the solar system. But considering Titan is two and a half times smaller than Earth, having a mountain two and a half times times smaller than the highest mountain on Earth still seems impressive.
(Of course, even Earth doesn’t have the highest mountain in the solar system, that record goes to Mars’ extinct volcano Olympus Mons at a height of 22,000 meters, and it is even dwarfed by a couple of peaks on Venus.)
This radar study was intended to seek out tectonically active regions in Titan’s crust. On Earth, mountains form through tectonic movements (in regions along subduction zones, for example) and through volcanic activity — both sure signs of active geology. Over time, erosion processes wear down mountains and cliffs, providing clues as to their age.
“As explorers, we’re motivated to find the highest or deepest places, partly because it’s exciting. But Titan’s extremes also tell us important things about forces affecting its evolution,” said Jani Radebaugh, a Cassini radar team associate at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and research leader.
Studying Titan’s mountains also reveals exciting clues as to what lies beneath. Titan, like many small bodies throughout the solar system, appears to have a sub-surface ocean of liquid water that acts like the molten mantle on which Earth’s crust floats. However, the bedrock on Titan is likely far softer than rock on Earth, a factor that would limit the height of the moon’s mountain ranges.
“There is lot of value in examining the topography of Titan in a broad, global sense, since it tells us about forces acting on the surface from below as well as above,” said Radebaugh.
Now the researchers hope to further study these mysterious mountain ranges to figure out how they were formed. Are powerful tides from Saturn squeezing the moon’s interior, producing the upthrust to form mountains? Or is there another process at play?
Titan is often cited as a “young Earth analog” — in other words, planetary scientists study the moon, in part, to understand how our planet may have looked before life was sparked on its surface. Although much further away from the sun, Titan possesses many atmospheric processes we have here on Earth, including a methane cycle that produces precipitation (rain), which creates river channels, pooling as vast methane/ethane lakes and “seas.” Other weather processes, including surface winds and fog, have been detected.
Add this amazing soup of atmospheric processes with the fact that Titan’s surface is rich in prebiotic chemicals (the building blocks of life as we know it) and you have what could be viewed as a miniature, albeit colder, Earth bustling with the potential for life.
Although trekking up Titan’s mountains would likely be quite the feat (the 14 percent Earth gravity will help the climb, but the cold toxic atmosphere will ensure you stay sealed inside your spacesuit), understanding their formation and evolution will add yet another chapter to Titan’s early-Earth similarities, not only revealing what mysteries lie beneath the crust, but also the processes that may optimize the moon for life.

Mysterious Activity On Saturn's Moon Titan Baffles Scientists 3/6/16

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Sean Stone Interviews Sean David Morton - UFOs, Aliens, Government Black Ops, Time Travel & More!

Sean Stone Interviews Sean David Morton 1 of 2... by debunkerbuster
Sean Stone Interviews Sean David Morton 2 of 2... by debunkerbuster 

Buzzsaw is an ‘alternative views’ program, featuring insightful long-form interviews with guests on a weekly basis. Produced and hosted by Sean Stone, Buzzsaw styles itself as the real-life x-files, taking an unflinching look into the esoteric and hidden agendas behind world politics, popular culture and news events.

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I'm certainly not saying I agree with all the claims made in the below video series, but this game has always creeped me out and these clips demonstrate very well how so many of the cards seem predictive in nature. I can't help but go to the very edges of crazy town and wonder if time travel technology or a simulated reality is a part of this puzzle??? Whatever the case may be, my advice is this, don't let these cards scare you too much or sow seeds of distrust with individuals you otherwise have no reason to question.

If there is something strange beyond extreme coincidence going on here, you can rest assured it's an attempt to shape your reality, not just gloat about the control they have over it. Some say that the global elite believe that they must warn you of their plans in an twisted attempt to relieve them of bad karma. If so, would that not mean that their plans were not set in stone? Why threaten that Donald Trump can be assassinated? Perhaps because they are trying to manifest that possibility or scare him into submission? Again, both are indications of a lack of total control.

Created in 1995 - Click to Enlarge


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Planet X, UFO's, Fort Knox & missing gold ALL related & explained by legendary researcher!

Planet X nearing earth? Poles on earth shifting? Fort Knox gold robbed? Why are all the elite setting up underground bunkers? What does this have to do with ETs as well as our repeated history when Nibiru/Planet X passed by causing havoc? Hear and watch this and more during this highly rated radio show!

Dr J Andy Ilias interviewed on Bob Fletcher LIVE on air to talk about these extraordinary claims:

An interesting scientific and religious take on things in this video warns to not be in the USA if ever you are told that it will definitely be safe there.


Planet X Arrives March/April 2016?

Mysterious Activity On Saturn's Moon Titan Baffles Scientists 3/6/16


"Saturn's Moon Titan: Earth in the Freezer Aisle".

Dr. Catherine Neish
Department of Physics & Space Sciences
Florida Institute of Technology

Recorded 03/28/2014

Host & Organizer: Daniel Batcheldor

Dr. Catherine Neish - Saturn's Moon Titan... by debunkerbuster

These Are Titan's Highest Mountains -- What Lies Beneath?

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Coast To Coast AM - March 12, 2016 UFOs & Belief Systems, Barker Ranch

Debunking UFO dogma. Gasp! Roswell was a balloon after all? Alien abductions are not extraterrestrial in nature? But don't dismay true believers, he still thinks some UFOs are quite unexplainable via conventional means, such as the 1952 UFOs over Washington DC and the Rendlesham Forest UFO events of 1980.   :)

Joining Richard Syrett in the first half, author, attorney, and UFO researcher, Randal Montgomery, will discuss the religious aspect of the UFO phenomenon and how it functions as a new mythology/belief system for many. He'll also touch on the sociology of popular culture in regards to the UFO issue. Followed by retired Mammoth Lake Police Sergeant Paul Dostie, who In 2008, was authorized to dig for human remains at the Barker Ranch, where the Manson Family went following the Tate-LaBianca murder spree of 1969.

Comments from Steve at the Spooky Weather blog:
I’m listening to the Coast to Coast UFO video ... just a few thoughts on it ...  because it seems more disinfo-based, at least to myself ...

His positions do seem like targeted disinformation. I don’t at all trust Nick Pope and the guy wrote the forward to this guy’s book.

The main thing I agree with is that there are parallels with folklore and some sleep conditions, plus that some modern craft may be ours. Essentially the position taken by Richard Dolan.  His run down of alien messages, following the prevailing times, nukes in the 50s, environment in modern times... perhaps whatever has been relayed by outsiders is connection to our own concerns, so that it resonates?

The Kenneth Arnold thing at the start is standard knowledge. With the flaps, it seems he overlooks the fact that we just entered the Atomic Age. There were also the foo fighters, ghost rockets, and also the Green fireballs at Los Alamos.

I don’t agree with his thoughts on Roswell being a Mogul balloon. The debris, described by direct eyewitnesses, was not conventional and it seems like there was no Mogul flight for the right time period (Flight 4 was cancelled).  Jesse Marcel was a highly trained and promoted intelligence officer.  I Googled for info on Jesse Marcel’s lies ...

They come from one interview where the original tape recording is missing:

Most of his files, to check his claims, were destroyed in a fire in 72. There is no indication that he had a degree in Nuke Physics, but this may have been classified (as he worked within this area after the war. He was promoted after Roswell too).

The claims in this one tape recorded interview where he says he had thousands of hours of flying time MUST be a mistake, because he was not a combat pilot. And it seemed untrue he had shot down five aircraft as an air gunner... I don’t know why such obviously false claims are included there. It’s weird, and it does not fit with all the other interviews and circumstances of what happened. Is this a mistake, or deliberate disinfo? 3000 hours of flight time is crazy talk for a person who was not an AF pilot.

One other point raised about Marcel is that he said that he was with the original wreckage in Ramey’s office, whereas he was with switched weather balloon material. Likely Marcel misspoke? Or was talking about the switched material being original (the first) deception ...  

A counter witness to Marcel, Sheridan Cavitt, was a .. counter-intelligence officer, who was shown to have definitely lied about Roswell. He actually confirms there was an incident, that he was there, after denying it, but says it was balloon material.

here’s more on the matter from Kevin Randle (with the Bob Pratt interview which has the Marcel ‘lies’) ... with a lot of discussion in the comments.

Going back to the You Tube clip, the author is trying to say that there is no cover-up and people are free to speak their minds ... that Jesse Marcel is a liar, that he always talked about UFOs, but said nothing much until years later.

The fact of the matter is that UFO material is being covered up. It’s a proven fact. This line of argument, that what was being raised was well known and explainable,  to me, shows that the author in the radio interview is not being honest.

He says that there was nothing to see for Roswell was a Mogul balloon and was only trumped up in recent years. He then points to Rendalsham forest as an example of how there is no cover-up, and yet all the other arrows concerning UFO DOCUMENTS show a high level cover-up, with surrounding disinformation.

Is the fact that we do get air force sighting reports merely cover for the fact we have recovered nuts and bolts material? That the cover-up itself is imperfect – that some memos reporting retrieval activity and other stuff does get out?  

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The Atmosphere of Mars - Thicker than Officially Admitted, Clouds, Liquid Water and Life?

The above NASA image shows cloud cover on Mars as seen by the Hubble Telescope in 1998. The colours and cloud activity are much more dynamic than in recent washed out orbital pictures.

 If you examine amateur pictures of Mars taken from ground based telescopes you can see that the colours match closely to the Hubble image from 98 rather than to any of the recent NASA pictures. One is left to consider that recent official pictures have been altered:

While NASA does admit there is a Martian atmosphere it is likely much thicker than has been admitted.

The evidence for such a position comes from the daytime pictures taken from the surface that DO NOT show a black sky, which is what you should get on low dust days. We are shown dust-haze free orbital pics, and yet no black sky pictures - which is what you get on Earth at 80,000+ feet where our atmosphere is the same density as allegedly on Mars.

Instead of black skies we see orange and grey-blue skies, the latter feature indicative of a much thicker atmosphere. If there is a LOT of dust the sky would be orange-red. However, if dust levels were low, then behind the orange should be black sky during the daytime if the atmosphere is really as thin as we've been told. You never see that.

And when we consider the existence of life forms, consider that the temperatures on Mars vary.

At the equator, in direct sunlight, it has been admitted that temperature can rise to more than 23 degrees Celsius - enough for water to remain liquid if there is enough air pressure.

Is there life on Mars? Plants? Fungus? Bugs? Worms? Probably yes considering that we have clear evidence of a cover-up. Regardless of the life question, it certainly seems there is more going on with the atmosphere that officially explained when you logically consider the image data that has been made available.

Related Info:

The Martian Atmosphere must be thicker than we've been told

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, March 12th, 2016.]

UFOTV Presents - THE MUFON UFO SYMPOSIUM – Paul Hellyer - UFOs and The New World Order

In this program, Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Secretary of Defense, provides the keynote presentation for the MUFON UFO SYMPOSIUM. Extraterrestrial influence may have been felt in Biblical days, but awareness began when we learned that an alien species helped the Germans during World War II. At the same time, another group of Aliens advised the allies. Years before World War II ended, the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) began plotting a new American empire even bigger than the one Hitler hoped for. The Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) itself with the secret Bilderbergers, the banking and oil cartels, CEOs of transnational corporations, elements of the intelligence community and the armed forces, came together in what Paul Hellyer refers to as the Cabal, with unprecedented power in the US and beyond. Its end game is a New World Order – a universal dictatorship – achieved through a combination of financial and military might, including spacecraft equipped with ET technology. Is this a doomsday scenario destined to end in an armageddon, if not the extinction of the human species? Or is there something that can be done to stop it? This is the question that must be fully explored before it is too late!

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UFO Education - The CIA and UFOs (The 1953 Robertson Panel)

Author and journalist Terry Hansen discusses the apparent role of the CIA in manipulating public perception of the UFO topic.

UFO Education - The CIA and UFOs (The 1953... by debunkerbuster

The CIA does not simply deal with foreign intelligence, they manage information and media in the USA. The clip here mentions CIA involvement with CBS and the National Inquirer tabloid newspaper.

Readers might be familiar with Operation Mockingbird, the existence of which revealed broad CIA influence of the mainstream media.

The relevance of the above clip is that it reveals specific manipulation of the media, as a CIA activity, from at least 1953 within a disinformation framework. The roots of this activity go back to various techniques that matured during World War 2. Such a decision, to control information, is understandable because during the Cold War, managing the domestic media, like the USA managed foreign Governments, would have been an essential activity of the Security State.

So, when you consider the disinformation surrounding events such as the false flag 911 attacks, or NASA's misrepresentations of the planet Mars (where they try to diminish the idea that life can exist there, and the implication it is common in our galaxy), you can be pretty sure that some of the architecture behind it originated with the Robertson Panel that sought to discredit UFO reports.

The simple lesson is that some leading media personalities and various academics are undoubtedly lying when it comes to issues that are sensitive to National Security State concerns.

Related Info:

The Roswell Incident - Full Length Documentary

(Note: If the US acquired nuts and bolts technology in 1947 then having security to hide this fact would have been a priority for US military chiefs.)

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, March 13th, 2016.]

UFO Education Playlist

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Former Science Advisor to Walter Cronkite: 'Star Wars is Our Real Ancient Galactic History & Everything Else is Fake'

Evidence Star Wars really happened:

Richard C. Hoagland is a former space science museum curator; a former NASA consultant, and during the historic Apollo Missions to the Moon, was science advisor to Walter Cronkite and CBS News. For over 20 years, Hoagland has been leading an outside scientific team in a critically acclaimed independent analysis of possible intelligently-designed artifacts on Mars. Richard and his team's investigations have been quietly extended to include over 30 years of previously hidden data from NASA, Soviet, and Pentagon missions to the Moon.

NASA Whistleblowers Prove Flying Saucers and Aliens Exist:

David Icke vs Today Show Hosts on Artificial Moon & Alien Theories - Plus More Info:

Video Source:

Richard C. Hoagland, Evidence of a Type II Civilization in our Solar System, Millions of Years Old

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Bill Birnes Interview 2016: UFO Cover-Up, UFO Hunters, Ancient Aliens


Nov 27, 2015 ... Bill Birnes Takes on the UFO Debunkers ... Stanton Friedman vs Phil Klass on Nightline · Bill Nye Attempts to Debunk Bob Jacobs' UFO Claim ...
Jan 19, 2015 ... Guest Bill Birnes, PHD, discusses what it was like behind the scenes of The History Channel's UFO Hunters, some revealing episodes, ...
Dec 5, 2015 ... Hour 2: Bill Birnes joins Darkness Radio to talk about the first ever documented case of alien abduction in the UK... Hour 3: Bill Birnes stays with ...
Mar 16, 2015 ... In the first half, Dave Schrader (email) welcomed author and UFO researcher,Bill Birnes, who discussed a wide range of UFO topics from the ...

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UFO DOCUMENTARY : The presence of aliens on Earth 2015 Full - UFO Sightings 2015

the skeptics in this video are really annoying because their explanations are more ridiculous than any of the testimonies just by their complete disregard for alternative explanation ie ufo/ alien
Vegan Angel 
Every time they make up an excuse for what these genuine people saw it makes me laugh! Science can not explain what I and many people around the world have seen. Aliens are real. We are the aliens.
erik nyjdam 
I love peoples dumb explanations for something so obviously alien...but what if the round object they seen was a weather balloon? But what if it was this? People don't call them in as ufo's because they look and act like something well known like an airplane.
Michael Wayne 
Oh don't question ANYTHING OBEY! HOW MANY YEARS ARE THRY GOING TO SAY WEATHER BALLONS! I'M NOT stupud now tiny life forms falling from a craft isn't real no lets say tell them it came from the ocean to relieve it self on us. If you believe this you are truly, living in a bubble.

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