Friday, March 4, 2016

UFO DOCUMENTARY : The presence of aliens on Earth 2015 Full - UFO Sightings 2015

the skeptics in this video are really annoying because their explanations are more ridiculous than any of the testimonies just by their complete disregard for alternative explanation ie ufo/ alien
Vegan Angel 
Every time they make up an excuse for what these genuine people saw it makes me laugh! Science can not explain what I and many people around the world have seen. Aliens are real. We are the aliens.
erik nyjdam 
I love peoples dumb explanations for something so obviously alien...but what if the round object they seen was a weather balloon? But what if it was this? People don't call them in as ufo's because they look and act like something well known like an airplane.
Michael Wayne 
Oh don't question ANYTHING OBEY! HOW MANY YEARS ARE THRY GOING TO SAY WEATHER BALLONS! I'M NOT stupud now tiny life forms falling from a craft isn't real no lets say tell them it came from the ocean to relieve it self on us. If you believe this you are truly, living in a bubble.