Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Coast To Coast AM - March 12, 2016 UFOs & Belief Systems, Barker Ranch

Debunking UFO dogma. Gasp! Roswell was a balloon after all? Alien abductions are not extraterrestrial in nature? But don't dismay true believers, he still thinks some UFOs are quite unexplainable via conventional means, such as the 1952 UFOs over Washington DC and the Rendlesham Forest UFO events of 1980.   :)

Joining Richard Syrett in the first half, author, attorney, and UFO researcher, Randal Montgomery, will discuss the religious aspect of the UFO phenomenon and how it functions as a new mythology/belief system for many. He'll also touch on the sociology of popular culture in regards to the UFO issue. Followed by retired Mammoth Lake Police Sergeant Paul Dostie, who In 2008, was authorized to dig for human remains at the Barker Ranch, where the Manson Family went following the Tate-LaBianca murder spree of 1969.

Comments from Steve at the Spooky Weather blog:
I’m listening to the Coast to Coast UFO video ... just a few thoughts on it ...  because it seems more disinfo-based, at least to myself ...

His positions do seem like targeted disinformation. I don’t at all trust Nick Pope and the guy wrote the forward to this guy’s book.

The main thing I agree with is that there are parallels with folklore and some sleep conditions, plus that some modern craft may be ours. Essentially the position taken by Richard Dolan.  His run down of alien messages, following the prevailing times, nukes in the 50s, environment in modern times... perhaps whatever has been relayed by outsiders is connection to our own concerns, so that it resonates?

The Kenneth Arnold thing at the start is standard knowledge. With the flaps, it seems he overlooks the fact that we just entered the Atomic Age. There were also the foo fighters, ghost rockets, and also the Green fireballs at Los Alamos.

I don’t agree with his thoughts on Roswell being a Mogul balloon. The debris, described by direct eyewitnesses, was not conventional and it seems like there was no Mogul flight for the right time period (Flight 4 was cancelled).  Jesse Marcel was a highly trained and promoted intelligence officer.  I Googled for info on Jesse Marcel’s lies ...

They come from one interview where the original tape recording is missing:

Most of his files, to check his claims, were destroyed in a fire in 72. There is no indication that he had a degree in Nuke Physics, but this may have been classified (as he worked within this area after the war. He was promoted after Roswell too).

The claims in this one tape recorded interview where he says he had thousands of hours of flying time MUST be a mistake, because he was not a combat pilot. And it seemed untrue he had shot down five aircraft as an air gunner... I don’t know why such obviously false claims are included there. It’s weird, and it does not fit with all the other interviews and circumstances of what happened. Is this a mistake, or deliberate disinfo? 3000 hours of flight time is crazy talk for a person who was not an AF pilot.

One other point raised about Marcel is that he said that he was with the original wreckage in Ramey’s office, whereas he was with switched weather balloon material. Likely Marcel misspoke? Or was talking about the switched material being original (the first) deception ...  

A counter witness to Marcel, Sheridan Cavitt, was a .. counter-intelligence officer, who was shown to have definitely lied about Roswell. He actually confirms there was an incident, that he was there, after denying it, but says it was balloon material.

here’s more on the matter from Kevin Randle (with the Bob Pratt interview which has the Marcel ‘lies’) ... with a lot of discussion in the comments.

Going back to the You Tube clip, the author is trying to say that there is no cover-up and people are free to speak their minds ... that Jesse Marcel is a liar, that he always talked about UFOs, but said nothing much until years later.

The fact of the matter is that UFO material is being covered up. It’s a proven fact. This line of argument, that what was being raised was well known and explainable,  to me, shows that the author in the radio interview is not being honest.

He says that there was nothing to see for Roswell was a Mogul balloon and was only trumped up in recent years. He then points to Rendalsham forest as an example of how there is no cover-up, and yet all the other arrows concerning UFO DOCUMENTS show a high level cover-up, with surrounding disinformation.

Is the fact that we do get air force sighting reports merely cover for the fact we have recovered nuts and bolts material? That the cover-up itself is imperfect – that some memos reporting retrieval activity and other stuff does get out?