Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Betz Sphere - Explained and Debunked? No! - The Mystery Of The Betz Sphere - Ghost Ball Alien Artifact: The Betz Sphere Mystery

Chris Stock
not really "Explained and Debunked"

James Bird
Neither explained nor debunked. People, nowadays, who call themselves skeptics are as wedded to their aggressive non-belief as any religious zealot is to their belief. Both types are sorely lacking in integrity.

Ball valves are not completely spherical, they all have seams and a fixing lug, this post is a waste of space.

Lady Lea +tamiyak
yes the ball and the family did exist Terry Betz (my coysin)and his mother Jerry Betz (my Aunt) are my family on my father's side. my Dad and I did live with them around this time. And there so I can say yes it did exist.

Huge Dabs
Definitely not debunked this guy is a moron

Not sure if this has been debunked...How do we know the artist really had spheres like this? Could it be he just lied to bring attention to himself? And why are there no photos of this artist with his sculptures made out of spheres? The old newspaper articles show the Betz family, but I can't find any with the artist. How do we know he didn't just make the whole story up? And where is the Betz family? Has anyone trying to debunk this follow up with the Betz family or is everything being based on old newsaper articles and hearsay? Have debunkers contacted the artist to verify any of this? If the artist used the spheres to create statues, where are the statues or photos of them? Debunkers say that the artist was contacted by numerous reporters after his story came out, yet no photos of him in the paper? I'm not convinced the sphere is's probably nothing, but if you want to really debunk this, these are some of the things debunkers should include in their videos...

James Small
it was found 20 miles away from any main roads out in the middle of no where. They gave it to the military and won't talk about it any more you think maybe they was told not to talk about it anymore.

Bryan Suh
you cant even spell artifact right....

Carl Grove
LIke many "explanations" this video picks up an extremely unconvincing theory, ignores 90% of the information available concerning the sphere, and uses razzmatazz and funny sound effects to cover up the lack of anything of substance. All rather pointless.

I ended up here because the show "Ancient Aliens" kicked off it's current season on this topic. While I see AA as primarily engaging and entertaining speculation it also sometimes raises good questions. This episode went back to where the sphere was supposedly found which was miles from any road. They also said the sphere was ultimately confiscated by the U.S. gov't.
Of course the problem here is a general one: If something is a hoax, sooner or later it is either proven as such or the whole thing fades from the public view. If something is a real national security issue it is covered up by saying it is a hoax and making sure no evidence is left for examination.
I am left wondering what I would do if I found one of these things... Keep it to myself, turn it over to the authorities or hold a press conference?

Jack Bureau
that is far from debunked brother...not even close or interesting...change the name of your site to ..".my opinion on stuff "

Joe Chase
didn't explain or debunk anything....idiot

debunked my arse.
Nothing but speculation with NO facts one way or the other.
Lame try NO sub from me.

Myke D
The sphere was actually found more than 200 yards off a road in a field that was saturated with heavy brush, so the theory that it fell off a VW and rolled more than 200 yards is extremely unlikely. The field was mysteriously on fire which is actually what drew Betz's attention to it to begin with. Secondly, the sphere was seen vibrating and rolling on its own by journalists and other eye witnesses, not just the Betz family. Thirdly is the research by the military who found that the tiny spheres inside the object had a material weight of 140. This is interesting when considering that the heaviest known material is uranium with a density of only 92. As of 2016, the whereabouts of the sphere is unknown.

marc roland
Nothing explained here. Move along now, move along.

Steve Rakes
Among many other aspects of this case that you failed to mention, is that the U.S. NAVY ran a thorough examination (including x-rays) of this sphere and were also completely baffled by it. Nothing debunked here.

Kak Abbas
if you really dont know the meaning of "debunked" then dont make video like this, lack of information

Billy DeLuca
Linda Moulton Howe investigated this with another journalist who covered the story at the time she debunked the sphere falling from a van due to the simple fact that the area where the Betz found the thing was a few miles from the road it supposedly fell from. Only the family and the retired journalist, were the only witnesses to the thing vibrating and following a person around a room when placed on the floor. I'm sorry but I can't recall the journalist's name.

serVananda the1male
wow... this is exactly how the Government would explain something they want to hide. might as well say that everyone in Jacksonville FL inhaled swamp gasses and the sphere was really a basketball. easy-peasy!

Mike Notlikeme
This vid is fake...the Navy has the the area in wich the ball was found was almost a mile from any road of dence forest ssssoooo nope not an artist mistake hhaaaa dont know any starving artist the have access to that kind of metal vey rare.

I guess the Volkswagen was driving with his doors open. dumb. the air Force has it

C Escobar
Yeeeeah, this "debunking" is pretty weak. I do not mean to critique your work, just that the way in which the sphere was "reasoned away" doesn't sit well with me.

Derek Hobbs
The outside of the ball was made of stainless steel, we can make that. But the internal balls were an atomic weight of 140... Sorry, as of 2018 we aren't even up to 125 yet. So are you gonna tell me that an artist made the inside of a ball with elements that don't exist yet, and the US military decided to keep it because it was just neat looking? You sir, are an idiot.

not explained nor debunked. Adios to this pathetic channel.

Scape Runer
Why do all fact or debunk videos come from UK? And lets read ppl all with British accents. Conspiracy.. Also the "ghost footage" vids. Ffs it must be boring there

Scape Runer
If it's debunked why ask what we think

Joe Shmoe
Numerous professional scientists ran tests on the object and the details that they discovered do not match the orbs described by the artist. While the orb may not have been filmed numerous professional scientists and military personnel witnessed the orb's performance.

No More PC
Tons of unusual spheres have been found around the world.

Jason Coughenour
it is also niether bunked

Miguel Mendoza
Debunked? really? Just because you say someone lost a sphere ball.... Ok... i lost my giant metallic frezbee in Roswell... that explains the supposed UFO.

Dams Jo
The road Taos was driving on is over 1500 feet away on level terrain. 'Lucy xplain' that! Debunked means beyond a reasonable doubt. You just gave a ridiculous statement with no proof what-so-ever.

Sam King
Does anyone claiming this was a ball valve actually know what a ball valve is? I highly doubt it.

tom jeffords
Learn to spell.

Jimmy Robiber0
Not a piece of any ball valve I'm a union plumber, and I have taken them apart many times in my career

Snarky K
You seem to forget that the sphere was found nowhere near a road which pretty much debunks that whole "it fell off a truck" theory. It was miles from any road. There were also plenty of witnesses that are still alive today that have seen the sphere vibrate, and move as if a pet following it's master.

One more thing you neglect to mention is the atomic weight of those two spheres within the sphere were found to be heavier than anything found on Earth by a significant factor. Simply claiming it to be bullshit is nothing but pure bullshit on your part.

Aside from the fact that it was miles from the road in thick brush that was only found after the area burned, after they x-rayed it there were 3 smaller orbs within that had an atomic weight of 140 and the entire science of it baffled Navy scientists and then it disappeared so your debunking is nonsense.

Roger Stankovic
What a terrible account of this story. I won't bother debating this with you as you obviously have not done you research. Thumbs down.

dazzler B81
Didn't really get debunked or properly explained..... I think the artist theory is a load of bo#@%x myself.... Newspaper reports said the navy was stumped as to what it was plus it had a some sort of radio signal coming from it...

Frank Goodman
The thing was found 20 miles from the hightway lying in thick palmetto lands.

kind of lame "debunking" and you spelled "artifact" wrong.

Stephen Parker
Not really explained or debunked

Ray Mitchell
Interesting fact, the nearest road where this VW camper could have lost the ball from the roof rack was a half a mile away from this heavily wooded dense area. When the Betz ball was discovered did this artist go public and claim it was his? More info from you is required instead of just sweeping statements

Ivy Blue
B.S. this didn't explain anything. if it was from this James guy, why didn't he collect the huge reward? smh!

Debunk your brain bro

Darren Woods
A ball valve would not do what the sphere did. I think that whoever has the ball now should try to communicate with it. Start with tapping a rythm of 3 taps 1 tap then 2. 312 is pi. being that the sphere is a circle it might get it. Next I would introduce numerical symbols to it. Hopefully the powers that be will read this and call me up to try my theories to communicate with it. I think that I could get top secret clearance. My apologies to my fellow citizens but if I get to talk to it, i won't share my findings unless I get permission.

Greggy D
Debunked? Yeah right...

яиду домой
You are about to be the debunked one. Clearly, the unexplained phenomenon happening all around the world, even in your own day-to-day life will reach a point where your materialistic "I-believe-what-I-see" way to think will punch you in the face, very hard. Earth is becoming "that-you-cannot-see". Face it and embrace it and try to be happy with it or die.

Worst channel ever. This fool can't even spell "artifact". Very misleading video. Lol 800 subs

Mr G
this is far from debunked.

The Betz Sphere - Explained and Debunked? No! - The Mystery Of The Betz Sphere - Ghost Ball Alien Artifact: The Betz Sphere Mystery