Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Mysterious Blasts are Being Reported Across the Globe

Mysterious blasts are being heard all over the world and no one can seem to figure out what’s causing them.

From Alabama to Michigan, Idaho to California, Russia to Denmark, experts and non-experts alike are trying to figure out whether these mysterious booms are coming from ground explosions, objects falling from the sky, or something else.

A boom in the state of Alabama, for instance, was heard and felt through 11 counties last Tuesday at around 1:39 CST. An earthquake event has since been ruled out, leaving both average citizens and experts puzzled and without answers.

Just one day later, a similar boom was heard in the state of Idaho, where law enforcement officials still have yet to provide any real explanation. The same thing happened last Saturday in Michigan – loud boom, and no explanation.

In Colorado, residents of the towns of Lakewood, Brighton, Lochbuie and Elizabeth reported hearing what many of them described as an “explosion” or a “sonic boom” around 9:00 at night. The boom was so powerful that it shook homes and left many people confused, bewildered and frightened.

The article itself rules out the source of these explosions as coming from the ground. There was no seismic data. No indication of an earthquake. If there was seismic data this would not be a mystery.

Therefore the source of the explosions must be coming from the sky.

Likely aerial phenomena are meteors (although none have been sighted in conjunction with the noise), supersonic or hypersonic military craft (the best explanation might be a secret hypersonic vehicle that could be extremely difficult to see), or it could be another exotic object that can create sonic booms in the atmosphere, something either man-made or originating from offworld (this second hypothesis is not as far fetched as one might think). The cause could be from devices of varying levels of technology, and the noise could be a by-product of their operation, and/or the noise could be deliberately intended (a warning perhaps?).

[First posted at the SpookyWeather blog.]