Sunday, July 30, 2017

Proof Of BIGGEST Alien Visitation Case In History? - Stan Romanek STAGING Alien "Activity" During Interview? 7/10/17

dawicked2k83 weeks ago
Motherfucking Government set him up!, all the pedos in Government pitched in from their private stash of porn to put in his computer and set him up

Loveland man pleads not guilty to child pornography charges

Romanek is a self-proclaimed UFO expert. In March 2015 his former attorney, Katherine Hay, said he had made many calls to Loveland police about an unknown organization harassing him and putting "disgusting things" on his computer because of the extraterrestrial research he has performed.
The lead detective testifying in the Romanek case, Loveland Police Detective Brian Koopman, is currently facing criminal charges related to another case he investigated. Koopman's trial is set to begin in late April.

Editor's Note: I'm not saying that I believe Romanek's defense of his pedophile charges, but I am saying people are sometimes set up in this way for going against the government, which is infested with pedophiles.

WARNING: Prominent Activists Being Framed With Child Porn...

Two weeks ago Luke Rudkowski of was sent an email from a @tormail domain with attachments containing child porn.
Rudkowski communicated more with his attacker who warned “We plan to not just set you up with child porn but every alternative media founder and master on the planet.”
Rudkowski’s attacker has apparently made good on this threat. Two more prominent liberty activists have now been targeted using the same tactic.

JM Talboo & Natasha Republican Lifecoach - Fake... by debunkerbuster

Editor's Note: I think it is entirely possible that some of Romanek's experiences and evidence are legit, while others were faked for money or to make others believe what he believed to be happening to him.

Dwight Connely, editor of the MUFON UFO Journal, included the Stan Romanek case in his 2004 book The World's Best UFO Cases acclaiming it then as the best current case due to the presence of independent witnesses, markings and injuries on his body, a large burned circle, videos of strange phenomena, and "somewhat complicated mathematical formulas which seem to be well beyond Romanek's ability." Connelly, however, says this case should only be viewed as a potential long term best case that hopefully will be considered legitimate ten years later.[6]