Thursday, August 25, 2016

Elite Hijack Second Earth Discovery

A second Earth like planet just a mere 4.243 Light Years away has been discovered. A distance that would take the average human using current propulsion technology hurtling at 20,000 mph roughly 100,000 years to travel to has quite possibly been discovered right in our own backyard in the habitable zone of a neighboring system known as Proxima Centauri. Dubbed Kepler 452b the Earth like planet is roughly 60 percent larger than Earth

Of course, the vampiric elite of Planet Earth are beside themselves with world conquering glee. Mark Zuckerberg and his Russian Internet Billionaire counterpart Yuri Milner are hatching a plan to escape the confines of the Earth bound hell pit the elite created and preside over for greener pastures. Dr. Edythe Weeks explains from the book titled “ Outer Space Development, International Relations and Space Law” “ However, although having been extremely successful, NASA is being constructed as incapable, as a failed government bureaucracy- indeed as somehow effeminate. In addition there is a trend wherein private companies, contracted with the government, are gradually beginning to take over the business of space missions. These processes regarding space exploration/space travel are consistent with my argument that part of the hyper-privatization mandate is to transfer many of NASA’s assets over to the private sector. Space missions to other celestial bodies, large and small. in the past were carried out exclusively by government entities."

Space travel was an ambitious endeavor that brought millions of people together, as millions sat transfixed on Neil Armstrong's giant leap for mankind on the moon....Now, like everything else that has been hijacked, the human prospect of traveling to distant worlds has been consolidated and relegated to a handful of hubris riddled elite hell bent on the survival of their own selfish goals. May they one day travel at the speed of light only to finally arrive on a Planet inhabited by 50 foot tall American Patriots.