Saturday, January 9, 2016

Highly Unlikely Hillary Clinton Will Disclose UFO Information

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Will Hillary Clinton Really Disclose UFO Information 
There is little doubt that Bill and Hillary Clinton have an interest in UFOs, that point is well documented. The question is, would they be willing to share that information with the public. The Clinton's have a penchant for collecting information and using to further their own power and wealth, so there is little chance that any relevant information would be forthcoming from a Hillary presidency.
Hillary Clinton and the UFO Disclosure Question 
Could Hillary Clinton Be the Disclosure President? 
I doubt it. After all, commitment to transparency is not one of her many impressive attributes. 
While she possesses both professional competency and personal charisma needed for a leader, she strikes me as someone who will always protect the interests of the powers that be over those of the people. 
If, upon close examination, it will be determined that the UFO disclosure is not in the interests of the American government (as an entity run by various clandestine interest groups), I don't see Hillary as a rebel with a cause, sorry. 
I also don't see her as someone who personifies the ideas of world peace and environmentalism (and no, these are not hippie code words for "I hate America"). As the US senator and the former Secretary of State, she proved to be just another warmonger, like the rest of them... 

What could be more paradigm-changing than the discovery that alien life exists, and that it's been engaging humankind since the dawn of time?

Hillary Clinton (along with Bill Richardson and Dennis Kucinich) is considered one of the top pro-disclosure candidates by the UFO proponents, and she does appear to have an "ET connection," or at least an avid interest.

However, you have to question her dedication to the cause and how she plans to achieve what the Clintons tried and failed to achieve in the 1990s. In Dr. Steven Greer's words, they had “a pass at it and didn’t take it.” What's different now?


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