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Art Bell Interviews Budd Hopkins & David Jacobs on Alien Abductions - Sep 27 2003

Budd Hopkins - Art, Life and UFOs - Coast To Coast AM - Jun 20 2010:

Budd Hopkins: The Skeptic:

TED PHILLIPS - The Physical Evidence for Unidentified Flying Objects

TED PHILLIPS - The Physical Evidence for Unidentified Flying Objects

Ted Phillips (08-18-09) Latest UFO Physical Trace Research


Debunking Neil deGrasse Tyson on UFOs

Budd Hopkins: The Skeptic

Excerpt from Intruders by Budd Hopkins:
Shortly after my book Missing Time was published I appeared on a radio program to discuss the UFO phenomenon. The talk show host proclaimed himself a skeptic. "I'm very, very skeptical of this whole UFO business," he announced proudly. "Travel from one solar system to another is simply not possible. You can't get here from there, wherever there is. And even if there are extraterrestrials flying around, they'd never do what these UFO occupants are supposed to be doing." After listening to these and other items from his long, complicated list of what is and what is not possible, I told him that of the two of us I was by far the more skeptical. I'm so skeptical," I said, "that I find it beyond me to deny the possibility of anything."

Budd Hopkins Exposes UFO Skeptic And Debunker Carl Sagan

Budd Hopkins On The Skeptic Argument Against The Use Of Hypnosis

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Stanton Friedman Video Playlist from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)


Stanton Friedman and Michael Shermer - UFO Debate - Aug 01 2007

Stanton Friedman - UFO Coverup, Corso etc - Coast To Coast AM - Sep 26 2006:

Stanton Friedman & Frank Feschino Jr - 1950's UFO Shoot-downs - Coast To Coast AM - Dec 06 2007:

Flying Saucers Are Real Part 1 & 2 - FEATURE FILMS:

Stanton Friedman Debate Collection:

UFOs Video Playlist from ParanormalTV

Aliens, Alien Abduction, Men In Black, Conspiracy and such.

RARE: UN Secretary alien abduction- Linda Cortile & Thom Reed Dr J Radio Live 2015

One of the landmark cases of UFO abduction occurred on November 30, 1989, in Manhattan, N.Y. The case centers around one Linda Napolitano, who claims to have been abducted from her closed apartment window into a waiting UFO by the "grays," and subjected to medical procedures. The case became well-known through the efforts of researcher Budd Hopkins. The events began at 3:00 AM...

It would be a year after the actual abduction before Hopkins began receiving mail from two men, who claimed to have seen the abduction. At first, Hopkins was suspect of their testimony, but in time their reports would help build the case into one of the most well-documented alien abductions in Ufology. Without any contact with Napolitano, their report agreed in all aspects with Linda's memories. 
Javier Perez de Cuellar: 
Eventually, the two men would be identified as bodyguards of senior United Nations statesman, Javier Perez de Cuellar, who was visiting Manhattan at the time of the abduction.

The bodyguards claimed that Cuellar was "visibly shaken" as he watched the abduction. The three men claimed that they saw a woman being floated through the air, along with three small beings, into a large flying craft... 
More Witnesses Come Forward: 
There would eventually be more witnesses come forward with their accounts of what they had seen. Hopkins kept the details of the eyewitness testimony private until he felt the case was complete enough to release publicly. One of the most striking accounts came from Janet Kimball, who was a retired telephone operator. She had seen the abduction also, but thought she was watching a movie scene being filmed... 
Private Confirmation: 
Cuellar did aid Hopkins in verifying details of the case through correspondence, but explained to Hopkins why he could not go public with his testimony. This would always leave a gap in the investigation, although there were other witnesses, and Linda's own account of her terrible ordeal. Despite some ups and downs, Hopkins probably did his finest work in bringing together the story of the abduction of Linda Napolitano...

Fact #1

Witness #1 - Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist (1976)
Witness #2 - "Erica" (Winter of 1990)
Witness #3 - Richard (Early February, 1991)
Witness #4 - Dan (Early February, 1991)
Witness #5 - Linda's Husband Steve (Sunday February 24, 1991)
Witness #6 - Linda's Son Steven (March 1991)

Witness #7 - The Third Man (April 12, 1991)
Witness #8 - "Janet Kimball" (Late July 1991)
Witness #9 - "Joseph" (September 3, 1991)
Witness #10 - Dr. Lisa Bayer Podiatric Surgeon (November 12, 1991)
Witness #11 - Carmela (February 22, 1992)
Witness #12 - Brian (Sunday May 24, 1992)
Witness #13 - Sue (July 1992)
Witness #14 - Johnny Cortile (Sunday May 24, 1992)
Witness #15 - "Marilyn Kilmer" (September 30, 1992)
Witness #16 - Frank Turner (Summer of 1993)
Witness #17 - Cathy Turner (Summer of 1993)
Witness #18 - Cardinal John O'Connor (November 1993)
Witness #19 - Reporter Jay Sapir (November 12, 1993)
Witness #20 - "Francesca" (Sunday April 16, 1995)
Witness #21 - New York Post Worker Yancy Spence (Late 2001)
Witness #22 - New York Post Worker Bobby (Late 2001)
Witness #23 - Reporter Steve Dunleavy (Late 2002) 

Fact #2

The 23 witnesses that are on the public record in the Linda Cortile UFO abduction case were introduced incrementally at random dates and times over a total period of 27 years. There was a 14 year interval between the introduction of the first witness and the second witness. There was a 17 month interval between the introduction of the nineteenth witness and the twentieth witness. There was a 6 year interval between the introduction of the twentieth witness and the twenty-first witness.
For those who contend that the Linda Cortile case must be a hoax, a fraudulent scheme crafted and perpetrated to get rich quick, why were the witnesses introduced into the case incrementally at random dates and times, with yearlong gaps in between some introductions, over a painstakingly slow period of 27 years?... 
This website has been built primarily as a consolidation of publicly released information and evidence about the Linda Cortile UFO abduction case. It has also been built to factually demonstrate the inaccurate and libellous nature of the multitude of attacks and allegations levelled against it over the years by a handful of subjective critics.

While Linda's case has been publicly defended in the past, the defenses, for the most part, have only been done in a very general way. The reason for this was because of the sheer enormity of erroneous claims that were contrived, constructed and distributed attacking the case, over fifty-five pages worth. The fact that each of the bogus claims were not individually addressed, rebutted and factually dismantled in detail, was perceived as proof, by some, that the false claims must be true. For others who applied a modicum of time, energy and resources into investigating the case for themselves, as well as the foundations of the allegations made against it, they arrived at completely different conclusions...


Budd Hopkins On The Skeptic Argument Against The Use Of Hypnosis


Budd Hopkins Exposes UFO Skeptic And Debunker Carl Sagan

Why Skeptics are the Most Boring People on Earth!

Chris Holly's Paranormal World - Before we get into why a skeptic is the most boring person on earth lets discuss the supplies you're going to need if you happen upon one. I think of it as a skeptic survival kit.

The skeptic survival kit contains dark sunglasses, earplugs, a good pair of earphones that block out everything but your music, a load of music loaded onto whatever you use to listen to your music , a book, and a large size 15 steel toed man's boot (this can be interchanged with a bat if need be).

Once you have your kit at hand you will be equipped to deal with the most boring people walking on this earth- the skeptic.

I know you want to know why this group of humans owns the title of the most boring of all humans but first let's get the survival kit taken care of.

After assembling your kit you will need to follow the instructions with care as you may come upon one of these creatures at any time.

As soon as you realize you are in the grasp of a skeptic quickly rip open your kit and place your dark sunglasses on to block direct eye contact with this being. It may prevent you from having to have direct contact with them. If that fails keep the glasses on so that the skeptic is unable to detect if you are keeping eye contact with him or searching the area for an escape outlet. The glasses are an easy way to conceal your eye rolling as the skeptic will soon be on a rambling rant of repetitive drivel that will cause this eye rolling to occur uncontrollably by those forced to endure prolonged contact with the skeptic.

The earplugs are to provide needed sanity as if caught listening to a skeptic for any amount of time can result in mind numbing headaches that approach torture. One can only listen to the same old denial repeated so many times before madness sets in.

Take whatever action needed no matter how drastic to break away from the skeptic so you can quickly attach to and turn on whatever music device you have in your kit. Remember you can always loudly sing over the constant stinging whine of the skeptic before you if all else fail. You may need to whip out the book you packed in your skeptic survival kit to aid along with the music to keep your brain from numbing up as the skeptic bores you nearly to death with whine denial and talking in circles.

The last objects in your kit are for the mean down and dirty skeptic who comes at you in nasty attack mode and personal insults simply because you find his reasoning ridiculous and do not go along with his opinions.

This is when you are forced to use the last items in your kit. Upon giving up on adult conversation, debate or explaining how the universe works to a snapping mean skeptic no other choice may be left but to apply repeatedly that large size 15 man's steel toed boot or bat as needed until the skeptic is silenced.

Why you ask are these tactics needed to deal with skeptics? Well it is because a true skeptic is the most boring, close minded, limited thinkers out there and without precautions taken can bring you pain and agony if cornered by one.

I have been dealing with skeptics for a good portion of my life. I have learned to tune them out, walk away, and ignore their existence.

I am not talking about the average person who is confused by unknown things and really does not have a hard opinion on that which they do not know. I think many people simply do not think about the unknown and are suspicious of things they read and hear but do keep an open mind that many things may be possible. That is a normal intelligent attitude about subjects we do not understand or have not experienced.

I am referring to real skeptics. The ones who have decided they know all there is to know and that no matter what anyone else has experienced, seen, endured, or studied, they know better. I am talking about the people who just refuse to listen, expand their knowledge base or consider other views.

Living a life with a closed mind is a foolish dangerous approach but one many skeptics hold on to with a grip that is unshakable. The skeptic does not seem to live in silence however. Skeptics have a life mission to bore every single thinking person around them to the point of tears. The reason for this is that the skeptic is so terrified of thinking outside of the box or in a new fashion that he tries to insist he is right and the world wrong at any cost. That is where the repetition of limited information, refusal to listen when others speak and anger stems from in the skeptics world.

If you study the average hard core skeptic you soon find they all have the same features and behaviors. First they force their presence on those who are trying to expand their thinking and follow those who think differently. The skeptic does this for the sole purpose of being annoying.

This need for forcing themselves where they are not wanted is routed in many basic problems in the skeptic's makeup. The first one is obvious. The skeptic has a deep need to stop others from thinking differently than they do. They are forced by either limited ability to think past the opinions they have, fear of the unknown, or a need to have life the way they can handle it. This can result in total denial of things they are not able to cope with, understand or reason out past the tightly formed opinions they made with limited knowledge and no experience in the subjects at hand.

I will not include those who work in science and simply hide, lay low and refuse to step out of the closet due to the fact it could cost them their jobs. Science and free thinking or open investigation has long been apart. The old sods of science keep it a rather dull group at best. Until the new thinkers in science are no longer punished for wanting to think outside the confines of accepted thinking science will remain constrained.

I am discussing your every day skeptic who thinks they are smarter, better educated and somehow born with the knowledge of the universe and decide not to listen to or expand their knowledge or views past their cemented small thinking. Skeptics are not the worldliest people. I once had one tell me all about China. Of course he had no idea what he was talking about. He never had been out of the United States. I had just returned from China the week before yet no matter how hard I tried to explain to him his ideas and facts were simply not true he continued spreading his ignorance and false facts while attacking me with insult. I guess he found his information by way of fortune cookies! He was the typical skeptic acting out in a typical skeptic manner. It is a shame as he had built a huge opinion of a large world power on false data and beliefs. This is dangerous and sad in a world floating in a universe of rapid change. The same thing applies to the subjects of the unknown.

The next time you come up against a skeptic watch how he operates. He will torture everyone in sight with his limited boring whine of why everyone else is wrong and he is right. If you listen with care you will soon find out that most skeptics have similar traits. First they have a little rant of assorted facts that they use to prove they are right. If others around them disagree or even point out the skeptic is confused or flat out incorrect the skeptic simply rewinds. The skeptic will wait a few moments and then will repeat over and over the same loop of why he is sticking to his skeptical way. They never listen; they rarely research to see if the other people are correct, they just repeat over and over the same stale whine.

If the skeptic is losing ground and their safety net of denial is shaken they attack. They turn aggressive and mean. That is when the only thing left to do is use that boot or bat!

I have written this article in jest yet it is obvious that I do find skeptics to be some of the most boring people on the face of this earth. It is as if they were taught to count to ten and refuse to count past that no matter what- returning to one each time they hit ten. They are not able to grow and they seem terrified that life is not nearly what they need it to be.

I am sure there are thousands of reasons why skeptics do what they do and think as they think. I do not think it has anything at all to do with the subjects of the paranormal or science. I think that kind of denial and insistence is rooted in other areas of their lives. Keeping their thinking of unknown subjects tightly closed seems to be the only way they can deal with life. The reasons for this may differ from skeptic to skeptic but I would guess most are based in fear.

I always say that those who find the paranormal hysterical are those who have never had an experience. I also know they soon stop laughing when one dark lonely night they are the ones looking into the eyes of the unknown. And yes, that can happen to anyone, even a skeptic.

For now keep your survival kit close at hand and try to pity those who refuse to look forward as life will keep happening and the unknown will unravel like it or not.

Be careful out there, pay attention to your surroundings and always keep looking up.

Thanks to Chris Holly at Chris Holly's Paranormal World
Copyright © 2008-2010 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

Why Skeptics are the Most Boring People on Earth!

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FREE (The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters)

A new foundation has been created to research ET contact called FREE (The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters), acting as a support network for anomalous contact experiencers and researchers alike. George Knapp will be joined by FREE members and researchers Mary Rodwell, Dr. Jon Klimo, and Rey Hernandez to discuss the scientific study of the phenomenon and how FREE's efforts might change how we view experiencers. First hour guest, Diane Corcoran, president of IANDS (Intl Assoc. of Near Death Studies), talks about her experiences with NDEs as a nurse during the Vietnam War.

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Free E-Book: The Secret School - Preparation for Contact by Whitley Streiber

"Whitley Streiber discussing the often delayed memories leading to the awareness of a training programme that prepared and initiated him into the contacts and events he experienced with other intelligences over he years starting in his early childhood.
This discussion is very close to the LR teams heart as one member here has specific and numerous experiences of an extremely similar nature.
Thanks to The duderinok for the original post."


Whitley Strieber Recounts His Abduction Experiences - Close Encounters at Whitley Strieber's Cabin: 2 Witnesses Speak Out

Communion (1989) Full Movie 720p

Communion (1989) Full Movie 720p


Whitley Strieber Recounts His Abduction Experiences - Close Encounters at Whitley Strieber's Cabin: 2 Witnesses Speak Out

Free E-Book: The Secret School - Preparation for Contact by Whitley Streiber

Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer on UFOs and the Money Mafia

In the first half, former Minister of National Defense in Canada, Paul Hellyer, spoke about his research into the U.S. shadow government and 'Money Mafia,' which he contends are at the apex of a cabal that's been running the U.S. and much of the planet since World War II. The cabal, he explained, is headed by the group that controls the banking cartel, with the oil cartel following slightly lower on their pyramid of secret power. Hellyer referred to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) as an evil treaty and power grab on the part of the banking cartel, and suggested that it be dumped. Pres. Obama should tell the cartel "that he's going to represent the people of the United States, and not just a handful of the richest and most powerful people in the world," he asserted.

September marks the 10-year anniversary of when Hellyer went public with his pronouncements about UFOs and ETs, confirming some of the information in Col. Corso's book The Day After Roswell. Hellyer was the first person of cabinet rank in the G8 group of countries to state unequivocally "UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying overhead." He cited the recent book Secret Journey to Planet Serpo as containing information leaked by the Defense Intelligence Agency, but noted its revelations have been ignored by the mainstream media. He also talked about how free energy technology, likely reverse engineered from ET craft, has been deliberately kept from the public by the cartels.
In the latter half, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren discussed his new book, "Use The Force: A Jedi's Guide to the Law of Attraction," which instructs people on how to draw on the universe's energy to achieve your dreams. The Force as portrayed in the Star Wars movies is similar to the Law of Attraction, which allows like to attract like. A scientist might call this effect "sympathetic resonance," which shows that when a signal (such as the sound of a tuning fork) is sent out, it actually activates a corresponding signal that is sent back to you, he detailed.

Warren determined that when people focus on the positive they start sending out incredible energy fields, but when they focus on the negative, they are weakened. So in order to prepare oneself for the Force, he advises people to stay away from things or individuals that make them feel bad-- it might even be as simple as cutting back on watching TV news. Regarding setting goals, "you have to create these visualizations for things that feel honest and attainable, so you take it in little steps," he outlined. Warren also talked about his related technology, the Wishing Machine, a box that uses crystals combined with electric fields to send out one's intentions and desires in order to materialize them.

News segment guests: Jeff Nelken, James Sanders