Monday, August 31, 2015

Budd Hopkins: The Skeptic

Excerpt from Intruders by Budd Hopkins:
Shortly after my book Missing Time was published I appeared on a radio program to discuss the UFO phenomenon. The talk show host proclaimed himself a skeptic. "I'm very, very skeptical of this whole UFO business," he announced proudly. "Travel from one solar system to another is simply not possible. You can't get here from there, wherever there is. And even if there are extraterrestrials flying around, they'd never do what these UFO occupants are supposed to be doing." After listening to these and other items from his long, complicated list of what is and what is not possible, I told him that of the two of us I was by far the more skeptical. I'm so skeptical," I said, "that I find it beyond me to deny the possibility of anything."

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