Saturday, September 26, 2015

Whitley Strieber - Memories of Mind Control and Childhood Abuse

Whitley Strieber Recounts His Abduction Experiences - Close Encounters at Whitley Strieber's Cabin: 2 Witnesses Speak Out:

by Whitley Strieber

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01/09/10 Subscriber Special: Whitley Strieber's Childhood Tragedy

Whitley Strieber writes, "For years, I have grappled with strange memories from early childhood that suggested involvement in some sort of abusive program. But I was never sure what these memories meant, until, in December of 2009, I received corroboration that has shocked me deeply."

Listen as Whitley details his memories, and also discusses just why it is that he feels that organizations like the False Memory Syndrome Foundation are not to be trusted.

There is evidence that children have been abused in efforts to induce split personalities, among other things.

What Whitley has to say will shock you. It will anger you. But it will also inform you about a hidden area of life that cannot continue to be overlooked, and a practice that must be stopped.