Thursday, June 25, 2015

Undebunking UFOs Exclusive - Amazing UFO Accounts Supported by Newspaper Clippings

One time when I was a little girl, about 1960, while walking home in the evening with my mother in the town of Kittanning, PA (Armstrong) my mother stopped dead in her tracks.  She was looking at a strange object which was black in color, triangular shaped with red lights flashing that was skimming the tops of trees above our house.  It made absolutely no noise.  We proceeded on to the house and she put me to bed on the couch that night but I never heard her utter a word of what she saw to anyone.  Perhaps this was a way of protecting of a child from the fear of what was something that could have been very frightening.  I hid the memory of this away from my own mind until one day right before the Gulf War I was at my daughters home in the next county (Clarion) and as I was walking down an old dirt road I sensed a presence above and saw an immense shadow and darkness above me.  There was a black, triangular aircraft skimming the tree line and moving silently.  By this time I recognized the aircraft to be a Stealth fighter but the thought occurred to me that it was the exact same craft I had seen in 1960, long before Stealth fighters were known to exist.  Makes you wonder.  

Years later as I was a passenger in the car that my husband was driving, (Butler county), I was gazing out the side window of the car and noticed an orange cigar shaped object in the sky, toward the direction of Pittsburgh.  My first thought was that it was the Goodyear blimp and I was pointing it out to my 2 or 3 year old daughter.  As I watched it I realized that it was surrounded by different colored ball shaped objects, which put me in mind of satellites.  I told my husband to pull the car over so he too could get a better look at it.  He did and said he didn't think it was a blimp either.  All of sudden it just disappeared in the blink of an eye.  Later that night I heard reports on KDKA tv about a UFO that had appeared in the Pittsburgh area, Meadville and other surrounding counties.  Some of the reports claimed that the UFO came down close enough that they felt a pulling/sucking sensation as if the craft was attempting to pull them in.  The next day you saw a few reports on other local television channels and newspapers but soon thereafter the reports just stopped.  

Again as a young adult, just a few years after the blimp sighting while living in Venango county there was another UFO incident that occurred that I did not witness first hand but had at least one good friend who did see the craft.  His experience was that as an emergency responder he was called out because a UFO had landed at the Venango county Vo-Techinical School, which was just over the hill from my home.  He told me that all of the police cars and emergency responder vehicles were pulled up within viewing distance of a saucer shaped craft which was pulsating and making humming noises.  He said that all of the cb radios, am car radios and car lights went dead.  The craft sat there for maybe 20 minutes then just lifted vertically and poof was gone at the speed of light.  Right after the grass on the area it had landed was dead and for years you could see where the craft had sat as the grass that did return stayed more yellow than green.  The next day there were television and newspaper reports and one woman was even heard to call into a local radio show, on which people called in to sell or buy things, saying that she was witnessing little gray men walking through a cemetery that was in the area that the saucer had landed the day before.  She said she called the radio station because she had tried calling the police but all of the lines were busy and she wanted a way to communicate to warn people in the area.  

- Kim, Pulaski PA

Newspaper clippings with dates and areas reported by me:

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