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Conflict Paracast - April 19, 2015 The Roswell Slides

Conflict Paracast
Published on Apr 19, 2015

Conflict Paracast - April 19, 2015 The Roswell Slides

Gene and Chris present military veteran and prolific science fact and science fiction author Kevin D. Randle, who returns to the Paracast to talk about the state of the UFO field. The discussion will include the ongoing controversy over the alleged Roswell Slides, involving two possible photographs of a creature that some suggest was an alien recovered as a result of the Roswell UFO crash. But does this story hold up ahead of a public tell-all event scheduled for May 5, 2015 in
Mexico City?

After Show
In which Gene and Chris discuss the growing possibility that Ray Stanford may be poised to reveal at least some of the UFO evidence he claims he has in his possession. Surprisingly, there’s even the possibility that Stanford may be attempting to integrate some of his work with MUFON’s research. This may include some element of training researchers. Chris also responds to potshots against him that he is an apologist for Stanford, and is suspending his disbelief. Chris explains again why he feels the UFO field is on the wrong track, concentrating too much on anecdotal evidence, and he again discusses the San Luis Valley Camera Project that he’s spearheading, in order to monitor possible UFO activity. We also talk about Kevin D. Randle’s involvement in chasing footnotes, trying to go back to the original source of UFO-related material. The conversation also covers the problems with the Roswell Slides and the chain of evidence.


Kevin Randle Talks About 'UFO' Debunkers