Friday, March 27, 2015

New Book: Alien Invaders: An exploration of the UFO and Alien phenomena

One criticism often wrongly directed at UFO investigators is that “if UFOs are real”, by which they mean more than misinterpretations of natural phenomena or terrestrial aircraft, “then why are they only ever witnessed in isolated pockets of the Unites States?” While there are many American sightings, UFOs are not isolated to the United States and have been reported all over the world.
As this book demonstrates, UFOs are a worldwide phenomenon, and one that transcends the modern era to reach back to antiquity.

I saw my first UFO in Swansea Bay, an inlet of the Bristol Channel in Wales. This was probably in January 2003. I was 16 years old at the time and my father was driving me and my younger brother home from town along the Mumbles Road, Swansea. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the exact time of the sighting, but it was probably the early afternoon. It was definitely still very light outside.
While we were stopped at a red light, my eyes turned to the relatively cloudless sky and I saw what at first glance I took to be an airplane. I quickly realised, by the strange way the object was moving, that it could not have been. As well as being very curious, I remember getting a bit scared at this point because I really did not know what I was looking at.

The object was moving up and down diagonally from right to left over and over again in the sky. It was a shining white line or rod, almost silver in parts, and appeared to have small round lights spaced out equally in a horizontal line along the center of its body. I got the impression that the lights were moving around the object.

After registering that what I was looking at was very odd, I pointed the strange moving object out to my father and younger brother. For some reason it took them both a little while to find the object in the sky. After watching and discussing this unusual object among ourselves for a couple of minuets, the traffic light turned green again and we began to move off. As we were moving away, I continued to watch the object for another minute or so until, most strangely of all, the object suddenly disappeared with a silver flash, similar to a camera flash.

Whatever this was, it definitely had a very real and lasting effect on me and were chiefly responsible for my general interest in UFOs turning supernova. At the time I only had two or three books on UFOs, but since then I have contributed to numerous UFO magazines and websites, and even written several UFO books of my own.