Monday, January 19, 2015

A Blog Visitor's Comments

Commenting on the post, "Debunking Neil deGrasse Tyson on UFOs," they write:
Tyson to me looks part of the disinfo crowd. He's cited Shermer as someone making a good argument. He's intelligent enough to recognise the errors in reasoning, including the false premise suppositions, used by Shermer to understand his arguments do not follow sound methodology and reasoning. I consider Tyson a heinous propagandist.

That 'statement' of his posted there has so many holes in it. He posits a ridiculous situation where (his scenario) the victims of an abduction, outwit their captors, who in many cases can reportedly read minds, to steel items from their vehicle?

This kind of demand of proof is a straw man argument. It's used to obfuscate all the other evidence of landing traces, pictures, and radar-visual encounters that indicate real phenomena (natural or ET) are active around our planet.

He further needs to consider if the ET hypothesis is true (which is assumed in his statement) that the visitors may not want overt contact with our species - just as human scientists bag and tag less cognizant animals, before releasing them back into the environment.

When it comes to the idea of proof he needs to look those Stanton Friedman interview clips where he talks about four kinds of scientific proofs where you can collect data - controlled experiments, regular natural events (like eclipses), random but period events (like earthquakes), and then the actions of intelligent beings (where you cannot predict things but rather make measurements after the fact - like collecting data on car crashes etc)
I dislike Dr Tyson ...

Conflict UFO Radio - Episode 2 UFO Hunters - Bill Birnes

Published on Jan 18, 2015

Guest Bill Birnes, PHD, discusses what it was like behind the scenes of The History Channel’s UFO Hunters, some revealing episodes, debunking debunkers and his trips around the globe researching & filming. Besides UFO Hunters, you have seen Bill Birnes on Ancient Aliens as well.

Bringing to you all the great guests from such shows as Caravan To Midnight & Coast To Coast AM, Conflict UFO Radio is a must listen.

Monday, January 5, 2015

UFO Cover Up Revelations! MJ12 & ET Quarantine - Stanton Friedman & Dark Journalist

Published on Jan 5, 2015
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Join Dark Journalist with legendary UFO investigator and Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman as they expose the UFO cover up and unravel the COINTELPRO that is spreading disinformation through puppet debunkers and dubious movies to discredit alien disclosure via covert propaganda programs.

Together they uncover the evidence that shows that the Earth may now be under an ET QUARANTINE due to its warlike stance with the development of the Star Wars Defense Systems and Secret Space Program. They also suggest that warnings from the ET visitors may be the reason why NASA has virtually dropped all of its moon missions and manned space travel.

Stanton Friedman is the most respected author in the field of UFO contact and has written the top influential books on the subject including the ground- breaking “Top Secret - Majic’” about the famous Majestic Twelve or MJ12 documents that reveal a clandestine government program to deny the existence of extraterrestrial visitors while reverse-engineering their incredibly advanced, futuristic technology.

From the secretive, breakaway national security state players to the stonewalling mainstream corporate media gatekeepers, this new Dark Journalist episode will shock you with its implications of a deep, organized plan to hide the reality of advanced, interstellar, off-world visitors and the tremendous impact they are having on our daily lives.

As a bonus, Dark Journalist asks Stanton to outline the secret world of Donald Howard Menzel, who lived a double-life as a famous Harvard Astronomer and UFO debunker but also as a key member of the hidden MJ12 group that handled all UFO evidence and technology for intelligence purposes. He also reveals his favorite UFO cases including the Phoenix Lights, Betty Hill, Jesse Marcel/Roswell, and more! You don’t want to miss this one!


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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Two Pilots That Went from UFO Debunkers to UFO Believers

"Listed here in the chronology section of NICAP's 'UFO Evidence' report there's a pretty fascinating UFO encounter from over Jackson, Alabama on November 14th, 1956 where a pilot and co-pilot both witnessed a 'brilliant bluish-white light' perform highly unusual flight characteristics near their aircraft.

The UFO's maneuvers were said to last for 30 seconds and described as 'rising and falling, darting back and forth, instant 90° turns, then hovering motionless again' - when the control tower radioed the aircraft the object began another series of 'crazy gyrations, lazy 8's, square chandelles with undulating motion' and then shot out over the Gulf of Mexico in a steep climb at 'fantastic speed'.

What makes this case all the more interesting (or 'splendidly ironic' as it mentions in this book) is the fact that the main witness pilot Captain W. J. Hull was a published anti-UFO skeptic who had already written a 'debunking' article in an Airline Pilot magazine three years before."...

"An 83-year-old Air Force pilot tasked with debunking alien sightings in the 1950s has revealed how he himself once saw a UFO."...

"Lt. Col. Richard French, a 29 1/2 year veteran of the US Air Force describes an encounter where he came upon a down UFO that was underwater and the beings who were working on the ship."