Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nick Pope Interview

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Nick Pope is an author, journalist, and TV personality who used to run the British Government’s UFO project at the Ministry of Defence. He does extensive media work, lectures all around the world, and has acted as presenter, consultant, or contributor on numerous TV and radio shows. Nick Pope is perhaps most well known for the work he did for the Ministry of Defence, investigating reports of Unidentified Flying Objects. I first became aware of him through his work with Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project, and while Mr. Pope certainly has some amazing stories, it was his credentials that were (coupled with his witness testimony) most impressive to me. This is most definitely not some backwoods yokel that much of the general public might think of in relation to the field of UFOs.
Mr. Pope was kind enough to answer some questions for us recently, and his perspective on the topic is undoubtedly valuable. Check out the interview, and some of his witness testimony for Sirius Disclosure, below!

You’ve been involved in the UFO world for many years now. From your perspective, has there been a significant growth in interest for this type of information since you began?
Absolutely. My personal involvement in this subject dates from 1991, when I was posted to the Ministry of Defense’s UFO project, so I’ve seen big changes in ufology. The first is the internet, the second is the advent of cell phones with the capacity to take photos and videos, and the third is the extent to which countries like the UK, France and many others have declassified and released tens of thousands of UFO documents.

I know that you often say that you’ve never seen any hard proof yourself, but is there a case you’d point to when asked for the most convincing (or perhaps most unexplainable) occurrence?

The most compelling case that I’ve come across is the Rendlesham Forest incident from the UK. It’s what I sometimes describe as a ‘perfect storm’ of a UFO sighting: multiple witnesses, most of whom were military personnel; a UFO that was tracked on radar; physical evidence in terms of trees being scorched at the landing site, and radioactivity levels that the MoD’s Defense Intelligence Staff assessed as being “higher than the average background”. Add to this the fact that all of this can be backed up by the government’s own case file on the incident, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. I’ve just co-written a book on the case with the two main US Air Force witnesses, John Burroughs and Jim Penniston. “Encounter in Rendlesham Forest” is the only UFO book ever to have needed security clearance from both the US and the UK governments, which I think gives people an indication of the sensitivities involved.

We all know that most governments have taken a pretty firm stance that they have no evidence to suggest extraterrestrial life, but is it your personal belief that we have in fact been visited, and perhaps will be in the future?

I’m sure that there’s life ‘out there’, elsewhere in the Universe, but I’m not certain that we’ve been visited by extraterrestrials. Despite some intriguing evidence, I’ve seen no definitive ‘you can take that to the bank’ proof.

Do you lend any credence to the theory that there’s a cover-up because of things like the energy implications that might be inherent in space travel (Free Energy, as it’s often called)?
I don’t think there’s any doubt that technology acquisition is one of the key reasons for UFO secrecy, but a formerly-classified MoD study codenamed Project Condign suggests that weaponization, as opposed to free energy, is the primary reason for government and military interest here. This is as one would expect, as most countries that study UFOs officially embed the project in their air force or their defense ministry.

In your opinion, are we close to a time when there will be disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence?

It depends what there is to disclose. If there’s life ‘out there’, we’re certainly getting closer to finding it, as our telescopes get increasingly powerful. The Square Kilometer Array radio telescope may represent our best hope of detecting other technologically advanced civilizations. Currently under construction, it will be sufficiently powerful to detect an airport radar at a distance of 50 Light Years, so if there are other civilizations in our little corner of the galaxy, this might be the best way to find them. However, I’m rather more skeptical that there’ll be an event along the lines of a landing on the White House lawn, or a Presidential revelation that we’re being visited. So I think the bottom line is that science, not ufology, will help us answer the question of whether or not we’re alone in the Universe. Either way, I think ours might be the generation that gets an answer to this profound question. We certainly live in exciting times!